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Answers possibly?


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The studio is wondering why the new movie didn't gross the amount they hoped, I can foresee two possibilities: 1) theatres these days are just charging way too much to see the movies let alone the popcorn & all that. Peoples pocket books are tight and let's face it the younger audiences can barely get a job or hold down one in this day & age so yea! 2) the new trek just isnt the same as it was with the older cast, even though it's exciting to see Nimoy making appearances. Most of anyone who goes and sees Star Trek are expecting the element of the living legends. I'm 33 and I thought this latest one actually was pretty good, lots of action, neat effects that worked with the 3D version, however bringing in Khan? Are you kidding me??? They could have kept him as the mysterious John Harrison and play up the beginnings of a dark version of the alternate universe which would make total sense why things are a little backward, controversial, etc. I think that answers some of the speculation, who here agrees?


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1. Depends what theatre you go to -- so can't really comment on that. I usually smuggle in a pack of something munchy from a different shop because I have gone off popcorn in the past ten years... so can't really comment on that either.

2. I agree with you about Khan although it wasn't a dealbreaker as far as I was concerned. I just would have infinitely preferred a really brilliant original villain too. As far as the re-casting goes, I don't think that's enough of a problem really to affect the ticket sales so significantly. With all the publicity out there, it is doubtful that people were expecting the original cast.

I found Nimoy's cameo in this latest film to be quite awkward. For him to be there was much more justified (and integrated) in the 2009 film.

3. (I would add) Actually Star Trek has done pretty well so far in the box-office. If it did not reach the projected estimate, then it's possible that the estimate was too optimistic. But that's not to say that the film was a flop or anything like that.

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I think they approached marketing in North America all wrong. All I saw were tie-in commercials where they had Star Trek footage, but it was actually for something else.

Then again, look at the international receipts. Where did we go wrong here, that it went so right elsewhere?

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