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Question about the Enterprise (STITD)


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How did the enterprise get in and out of space so easily? The ship doesn't seem areodyanmic enought to fly in an atomsphere, and the ship didn't seem to generate enough thrust to get back into space. Watching the ship fly around in a planet's atomsphere seemed really silly to me.


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Simple answer: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

This is a future with antigravity cars and hospital gurneys. I'm sure a larger ship could have larger antigravity tech. Force fields and the deflector dish would alter airflow around the ship.


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The writers came up with a defense for this when everyone was upset about the Enterprise being built on the surface in the first movie.

The idea is the warp drive manipulates the fabric of space (i.e. gravity wells) and therefore would be able to do so in a planet's atmosphere.

I can kind of see it, assuming warp drive is even possible.


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These new movies are all about theatricality and shorthand for conveying story.

It could also be multiple systems working at once.


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I'm sure that we could technobabble it to death of we really wanted to, but I got more than my fill of that watching Voyager. I just assume that after sustaining heavy damage and falling towards a planetary body they fired every control, stabilization and propulsion resource at their disposal until they were 100% positive the ship was in a stable orbit and would keep functioning.

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