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Most alike actors

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Created by: startrek23cookie


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How well did the castors do on choosing people that looked like that ones on the original version? Please let me know what you think.


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Kirk all the way!


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The tribble.

But, no -- of the main cast, I'd also say probably Kirk.

There was someone I thought looked remarkably similar, but it wasn't a main character, and I can't for the life of me recall who it was.

Might have even been in a different series.

Oh well.

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I think Chris Pine moves exactly like Kirk.  The way he throws himself into the captain's chair, the way he sprawls in it, the way he walks -- he nails the way Kirk moves.  I don't think his facial features are much like Shatner's, though.

In facial features, I thought the greatest resemblance was between the two McCoys.  Karl Urban's face isn't as lived-in as Kelley's was, and he's lucky enough not to have the bags under the eyes, but even as a much younger man, I think his McCoy looks a lot like Kelley's.

I made a mod for a computer game called The Witcher for a friend of mine who's a black woman, replacing the white male character of Geralt with a black female character.  The black female character used all of the same animations, though, so she stood like the white male character, walked like him, and used the same facial animations.  I was surprised as how much she "looked like Geralt" to me.  She was a different race AND a different sex, but because she moved just like him, she looked a lot like him.  So I can see where people would think that Pine and Shatner look alike, even though their facial features don't have much in common.  They MOVE alike, and that makes a bigger difference than I think most people realize.  Certainly I didn't realize it before I made that Witcher mod and said, "Wait a minute, why does this person look like Geralt to me?" :-)


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Kirk was my favorite character but I think that Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy was the most like the original character in both looks and attitude.


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Urban and Quinto (once you give him the hair) look the most like the originals, IMO.

I noticed no one voted for Khan........


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I'd say Urban.  While, as it was said, he lacks the lived in look, he embodies McCoy and was really the only one who was convincing to me. 


Quinto's features are far too brutish and indelicate. I mean, if we're talking strictly appearance, his nose is a terrible match, he doesn't have that refined, sharp angular look that Nimoy had in his prime. And he always looks mad rather than impassive.  I call him Spocklar.


Uhura, let's not even go there.  Saldana is missing many of the.....assest....that the magnificent Ms. Nichols was blessed with.   




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I'd agree re: Karl Urban as far as his character's mannerisms go.

Just assumed from the subtitle of this thread that you are going for physical looks.

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?

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