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Favourite TOS Romulan Episode

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Created by: jeanluckirk737


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BOT is easily my favourite- due to the psychological warfare going on between Mark Lenard's Romulan Commander and Kirk.

"Who am I to argue with the captain of the Enterprise?"- Kirk to Picard. 2371.


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Balance of Terror--no contest!

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Balance of Terror, probably one of the first TOS episodes I saw and still one of my favorites


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Balance of Terror, brilliant episode with one of the best and most complex antagonists Kirk faced.


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Another vote for Balance of Terror. I don't think The Deadly Years should really count, as a side note.


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Balance of Terror. The commentary about the horrors of war is still so very applicable today.  It's one of those episodes that would make an extraordinary film, because it would combine pew! pew! space action with complex drama.  

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Too easy....probably silly thread...BOT.


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The Enterprise Incident. It used to be BOT before I re-discovered series 3. It's the new series 1.


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Quote: jeanluckirk737 @ May. 20 2013, 4:42 am


>BOT is easily my favourite- due to the psychological warfare going on between Mark Lenard's Romulan Commander and Kirk.



Balance of Terror.  It isn't just the best Romulan-themed episode of TOS, its the best in all of Star Trek, in my opinion.  Furthermore, Balance of Terror is one of the great Star Trek episodes of all-time, regardless of theme or series.

Star Trek was really blessed to have Mark Lenard.  He was such a fantastic actor, both as the Romulan commander, and as Sarek.

I've mentioned it before, but I really hate what the Romulans became in the later series'.  Starting in TNG they became just another prosthetic-forehead race.  Why?  I know it as to make them visually distinctive from the Vulcans, but it was a really ill-conceived change.  TNG was desperate for villains that viewers could take seriously, since the Klingons were out.  The Romulans, as portrayed in TOS, would have been a great foil, and them looking exactly like Vulcans could've made the intrigue much more pronounced between the Federation and the Romulan Empire.


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THE ENTERPRISE INCIDENT is probably one of the best
of the infamously bad THIRD SEASON. And yet, it is
strangely flat. The problem seems to be that it all
ends up seeming as some elaborate rouse by the female
Romulan Commander to get Spock in her clutches ...

Yes, Kirk was under orders to steal the cloaking device,
but the thrust of the show isn't about that. Perhaps the
direction is partly to blame, but it's not as tense as it
should be. Subcommander Tal does an excellent job, however.

Nevertheless, I still voted for it because that turncoat Sarek
wasn't in it. And because the Romulan Commanderette had to
keep turning her head sharply - in disgust - every time Shatner
stared at her chest! LOL!!! Every scene with her, he does it ...

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BALANCE OF TERROR is one of my all-time favorite episodes

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Balance of terror ... yes, yes. But why? Well, because it is the portrait of a cold war submarine chase that goes out the way of the normal tone of the series. It is like watching "hunt for the red october". And further more Mark Lenard debutes not as Sarek but as the romulan commander giving a remarkable version of a soviet /romulan soldier living between the edge of duty and his true values.

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