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Star Trek Books


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Ok....I have read some star trek novels but I have always felt that most were not good but there were some exceptions. 

I really liked the new frontier stuff. Q squared by Peter David. Best Destiny by Diane Carey among others. 

what do you think of Star Trek Books? which are your favorites? 


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STAR TREK novels often do not know how
to capture the performances of the actors,
in prose. If Gene Roddenberry had published
STAR TREK novels FIRST, and THEN made the
series, it would be another matter, because
Kirk & Company are subject to interpretation.
But it started out as a T.V. show and those
mannerisms the actors brought to their various
characters are what defined the series.

Also, not unlike the T.V. shows, the novels
present some really goofy ideas that I just
wish were never brought up. Like AMOK TIME,
the TOS episode. Theodore Sturgeon was a great
Sci-Fi author, but introduces this idiot idea
of marrying off Vulcans at 7 years of age and
they USED it! Get rid of it! But it's "canon."
These novelists often will mar their own works
in the same manner. It's really not all that
much different from FAN FICTION, except for
the fact that there's a pricetag on it.

I have some STAR TREK novels and all are Shat ...
The one that amuses me most is SPOCK: Messiah!


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My favorites include Sarek, Yesterday's Son, Q-In-Law, Kahless and The Lives of Dax off the top of my head.  

I've heard that the Left Hand of Destiny series is really good too, but I haven't read them yet.


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A lot really depends on the author.  I collect Star Trek books, so I have > 500 of them.  They range from absolutely terrible to very awesome.


I really like Diane Duane, Diane Carey, Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman and a few others. 


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I used to love them, and there are some that I still love. However, I am not impressed with the direction that official Star Trek book material has taken -- while I appreciate them exploring a future that is distant from the series, I feel that the majority of Star Trek books have taken it too far away. I feel that this should not be the only option of reading material. Not advocating that they discontinue the post-Destiny series, but it would be better to see them get back to more recognisable stories from around the time of the TV series.

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I'm almost half way through the novelization of Encounter at Farpoint.  So far, I like it.  It actually enchances the experience of the show.  I have Ghost Ship on my shelf to read next, and I'm curious to see how the first fictional TNG novel hold up.


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the books depend on the author, some capture the characters very well, some don't


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I really think that a lot of them could have done with a better editor. The writing quality does vary somewhat.

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Depends on the author.  Favorites: Q-In-Law, Q-Squared, Kobiyashi Maru, The Return, and Captain's Glory (I admit, I'm a sucker for the ShatnerVerse books )

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I think the new crop of books are quite good. The books that Pocket did in the 80's,and the ones that Bantam did in the 70's, were similar to the episodes: somewhere good, some not so, most were average.


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There are things I like about the books in that they have more space to flesh things out. In the books that I've read they gave more detail to the translator. They described how they would hear the original alien voice and the computer's translation over it,


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I prefer any older trek novels.

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