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Opinions on Star Trek XII


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I was originally not going to see Into Darkness. I hated (and still hate) ST09. But for some stupid reason, I went, and I loved it. A few parts were rather contrived to mirror TWOK, but other than that, the idiotic thing with Khan's blood, and Leonard Nimoy's cameo (which was ridiculous) the movie was awesome. I have a few gripes with the science (the Enterprise is capable of atmospheric (and subaquatic????) flight, a portable!!! transwarp transporter, as if transwarp beaming wasn't impressive enough, etc.) but the movie is much less preposterous than 09, boasting, among other things, a decent plot. The character development is great, the moral questions are at least on the caliber of Insurrection (if not higher), and the villains intelligent and with complex motivations.

Overall, in my opinion, this is the best movie since First Contact. The action is well paced and well placed. The plot and character development frame it, and not the other way around. The best part, in my opinion, is the moral considerations, with regard to drone strikes and such. The reversal of roles, where at the beginning Kirk wants revenge and Spock wants to apprehend the villian, whereas Kirk gets Harrison to surrender, and Spock would have killed him, is well thought out. The question which remains and bugs me even as I write this is: would Spock have killed Harrison had his survival not been necessary to save Kirk? And does this mean that Spock is slowly becoming more human than his Prime Universe counterpart, through Vulcan's loss, Kirk's semi-death, etc.?

Final gripes: Klingon foreheads.Why? And the warp core. Why wasn't Kirk simply annihilated by the M/AMR reaction?

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I loved it,

It is hard to get angry about Klingons, when the true originals and the movie klingons are so different.  I thought that ITD Klingons looked like a hybred, similar to General Chang from Star Trek 6.


The best part of the movie to me was the way they were able to bring up the topics of Terrorism and the appropriate reaction to it, and our current policy on the subject without being Preachy.


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