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READ a Freaking Book!!!


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First off I DONT want to hear any excuses on how the novels aren't cannon. -especially when the latest video game is considered cannon. Secondly everyone here on the Enterprise forums are so concerned about Trips death that most of you failed to read the novels and find out that he is NOT dead!!!

The following novels all take place AFTER "These are the Voyages"

The Good That Men Do

Kobayashi Maru

The Romulan War (2 books) 

> Book 1 - Beneath The Raptor's wing

> Book 2 - To Brave the Storm


SPOILERS: What do we learn?

1 - Trip is not dead and spends the first two books being undercover in Romulan space (trying to stop the Romulans from acheiving Warp 7) and the two following Romulan Wars books trying to find the person who killed Surak's Katra (via a Romulan terrorist attack on Vulcan causing T'Pal to cry)

2 - The Coalition of Planets is in a rocky state because most of Earth's allies are negelecting their "mutual defense" responsibilities

3- T'Pal and Soval makes a decision to NOT allow Vulcan to enter the Romulan conflict for fear that it will cripple all the Vulcan people accomplished via Suraks teachings. also they dont want to jeopardize the coalition with the fact that Romulans and Vulcans are offshoots of each other. Lastly, they admit that Vulcan first contact with Humans was the greatest thing for their species since Surak and that no matter what happens they need to be on standby to help humanity after the war is over. 

4- Did I fail to mention that one of the major cities of Andoria gets nuked by the Romulans most likely causing the Andorians to back out for now? 

5- We actually get a damned good explanation on why ships in TOS look ancient and sterile in comparison to the NX class ships.

6 -Captain Archer breaks down and actually ask the Klongon council for help in which Archer is told that they will not be receiving any "official" help much more that I can't remember right now, mostly because I'm still going through the second Romulan Wars book. What I'm trying to get everyone to understand is that in these four novels we ALREADY have a proper layout for a season five of Enterprise. I'm a huge fan of Enterprise which is why I have been reading these novels and frankly I would like to see an on screen version of these books. The story-work has already been laid for any potential revival crew. They just need to adapt it to the silver screen.


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I read plenty of books. Big thick books about foreign policy and economics. As for Star Trek books, I've heard from fans whose taste coincides with mine that the vast majority of Star Trek novels are fanfic quality. The fact that they're coming up with far flung reasons why characters killed in the series aren't actually dead does little to disprove that view, in my opinion.

As for the the Enterprise Season 5 discussion, it's not going to happen. Paramount's not going to go back to the TV show that helped kill the franchise briefly when they've finally got the brand back on the rails. A new series will either be in the 23rd Century JJverse (with either a new crew or another recast of the original crew) or in the 25th Century or later for a totally fresh start.


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umm books aren't canon. 


I've enjoyed a few star trek books, but to be honest I think trek gets enough of my attention.  I don't need to read it too. 

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Personally, I have never liked the idea that paramount wants to make money by licensing books but refuse to allow them to become canon. that has always sucked to me. also, i absolutely HATE how they let star trek books go into the hands of so many people. apparently, if you owned a pen in the 70's and 80's you could write a star trek novel. There was some exceptional star trek books written........and a whole lot of crap.

If JJ Trek taught us anything....screw canon. canon is what you want it to be until it is directly contradicted later on i guess. 

that said. I wish they would license only 1 or 2 books a year only written by their better authors. i really think less is more when it comes to star trek fiction. Peter David would still be my first choice. 

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I have to disagree about Peter David, some of his earlier Star Trek works is great but New Frontier got more ridiculous and Before Dishonor was terrible (A borg cube ate Pluto in that one, I mean, come on). That was the book that got me to stop reading the new stuff.


5- We actually get a damned good explanation on why ships in TOS look ancient and sterile in comparison to the NX class ships.

I would like to know the answer to that one though.

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@ Wissa. SOME books have to be cannon at some point. We got a whole two episodes dedicated to the remnants of the Optimum Movement via Terra Prime and yet the Optimum Movement was never mentioned anywhere else except for the one novel called "federation"

@OneDamnMinuteAdmiral. The reason for the "sterile styled" ships given via the Romulan Wars novel was that United Earth was on the losing end of the war and did not have enough resources to start kicking out NX class ships. Their solution, take the Warp 2 Daedalus class ships and fit them with NX engines while slimming them down to the needed specs


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Thanks for the reply.


As to the cannon of books I've always been a picker and chooser of what I think fits in with the actual show. Some of the books are great, and some of them are the worst kind of fanwank I've read. 

Take the Shatnerverse for example, I actually enjoyed the series and have them all in hardback, but they are not great. It is all about Shatner making Captain Kirk the ultimate badass in the universe while the whole time saying he just wants to be left alone because he's done with Starfleet. Then he strings together a series of adventures that call back to a whole bunch of TOS episodes.

You mentioned Federation. That book was a really enjoyable read and I thought it was a good story involving the TOS and TNG crews but once First Contact came out it totally contradicted everything about Cochrane in it.

Some of the best stories I've read are those one shot adventures that feel like extra episodes. I like those more because, well honestly because they are safe, yet the author has to be creative because he has to make the story fit into established tv lore to sandwich it between some episodes. So they can't make some all out war in between, or kill of established characters. They actually have to write something original and creative using those characters.

Also for the books noone should have to read any of them to understand any plot in the show or movie, like having to read Countdown to get that the Nerada was upgraded with Borg tech.

Long story short (too late) I think a lot of us here read the books, I know I have read a lot of them, but anything can come along onscreen and contradict them at anytime. Those Enterprise books sound pretty good but if it did come back as a Netflix series or something do you really think they will use those stories?

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