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Ideas for Star Trek XIII


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 um... I think chator56 makes a very valid point, and I agree the new movie was too similar to the last which may have something to do with not meeting studio expectations, even though I liked it better in some ways. Both promised voyages of exploration at the end and that's not what this delivered except for a brief tease at the beginning.

mitchz95, while I think you're too technical in denying these similarities, I must disagree with at least 2 of your counterpoints:

Khan tells Kirk his act in London and attempt against the Admiral was to avenge his people who he thought the Admiral had done who-knows-what with. That IS revenge. I would also say he probably delighted in threatening Enterprise a little more after Kirk turned on him, no matter how sure we all are that Khan wouldn't have contined to play nice.

I would also say Earth of the future is unified enough to consider any act of terrorism, especially seperate attacks across contenents, to be a global threat. So too would crashing a massive starship into Starfleet HQ.

...and just to stay on topic, I would love to see some fallout from a tribe of primitive people worshiping the Enterprise now, even if only referenced in a communication from Starfleet. 


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I think with modern CGI, they could be done very well, and give the next movie a sinister enemy to confront deep in uncharted space.

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