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Into Darkness: Not only a great Star Trek movie, but also a great movie overall!


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Great point, CountJohn!


Like or dislike the film...butdon't create spin or outright misinformation to attempt some lame "rally the troops" campaign." 

And people wonder why Star Trek fans get made fun of...!


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I don't believe I was "trying to rally the troops."  Or give out misinformation.  The movie is under-performing (see Box office Mojo).  Its doing worse than the last one when you factor in inflation and 3-D showings.  I'm just curious why a good movie withStar Trek in the title cannot do a better job.  I still believe it was bad marketing to release all the plot twists (by releasing in other countries)  more than a week before you release the movie  into the most important market (America).  I think Lucas when he released the last Star Wars movies had them all open the same day world-wide.  And say what you want about Lucas as a movie maker, you cannot fault his marketing genius.  Fast and Furious opens early next week.  ST will be a distant #2, and if it drops below Ironman too, the franchise will be in trouble.  Just because a movie seems to make a lot of money doesn't make it profitable.  John Carter did almost $300 million worldwide and is considered a huge failure.

No response must mean you all agree.


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I loved the movie,


Look at every other reboot, Batman fans were not mad that the new batman movies trampled on batman's canon.  Every other reboot that has been done has erased all the history of everything that has come before.  Paramount gave JJ the power to do just that, but at least with the Star Trek reboot, they found a way so that they did not tell everyone "you know all that stuff that you loved, it never happened".


I really think main reasons that people classic trek fans are hating on the reboots is because before the reboots, Star Trek was only for the die-hards, it wasn't something for the masses to enjoy.  Now that it is a major blockbuster franchise, they are marketing it as something that anyone can enjoy without full knowledge of the history of trek.  So our little secret isn't just ours anymore, and that annoys some people.


I loved it though, the whole point of star trek has always been about an enthusiastic view of the future, with commentary on modern problems in a way that is not preachy, partisan, or boring.  I think this movie accomplished that.



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You hit the nail right on the head. Fans aren't mad about the quality or the stories or anything else like that. Christ, I could write pages and pages about the plot silliness, lazy writing and inaccuracies of "golden gooses" like Wrath of Khan, Voyage Home (REALLY sloppy) and Undiscovered Country. Some of those movies are really weak, but they seemingly get a pass, don't they?

It's just the smoke screen for the real problem these people have. They don't like it because it's not in their little nerd bottle any longer. And that overcooks their grits...big time. 


I'm just the opposite. I disliked all the bloated, exclusive nerdy canon, the droning holier-than-thou speeches, and the endless discussions in the observation lounges. I just wanted a good, scifi adventure with cool heroes and an interesting message somewhere (not jammed down my throat).

I think some of these people don't realize that they are the very types of people Star Trek's core philosophy showing humanity as moving away from (exclusive, arrogant, confrontational, and selfish). 


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I totally love that movie! Watched it on May 9 and had to watch it the next day again cause it was so awesome! And now I'm gonna watch it again this week in the original version cause I watched the German version. I don't really know what actually to say about it, I only can say that my favorite part was that sad scene when Spock was crying cause of Kirk dying (that rhymes ) and after that when Spock got really mad. But I loved the whole movie, just awesome!

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