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Next Gen Reboot?


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Bringing back the storyline of TNG would be great, but many of the stars are sadly aged, in the 20 years since it finished.  If they could bring new characters into those roles, perhaps.  But, they would probably have to bring in their replacements--a new Captain, new Engineer, new XO, etc.--as the previous actors turn over the reins of The Enterprise to another generation and move on in their lives.

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I think a whole new series with the caliber of writing as TNG would be great.  It could be TNG II , That would be ok by me for a title. But they need to give some thought to it.  If they keep the format that humans from Earth have evolved and are out in space to explore and make the episodes well written I don't see why it would not succeed.  They do not have to copy Picaard and crew, just find interesting and talented actors to play them.  Make it a diverse crew wich is what Trek was all about.  I would love to see the actor Faran Tahir who played Captain Robau in ST09 as the new Captain.  He had great presence in that part.


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Here's how you successfully reboot TNG for the 21st century:

1. Wesley Crusher is Picard's illicit lovechild with Beverly. Wesley doesn't know, and blames Picard for the death of the man he thinks was his father.

2. Riker wants command of the Enterprise and hates Picard for standing in his way. Conflict abounds.

3. Geordi is gay and in love with Data. As an android, Data cannot reciprocate his feelings.

4. Lore is not Data's evil twin; instead he's Data's split personality.

5. Worf resents having to serve the Federation rather than the Klingon Empire. He's joined Starfleet from a sense of duty, but his loyalties are divided.

6. Tasha Yar has PTSD from her childhood on the messed-up colony planet, and self-medicates with illegal drugs (and occasional sex with Data).

7. Deanna Troi, as an empath, has imprinted on Riker and gets insanely jealous whenever he puts the moves on anyone else. This will be her defining characteristic.

8. The Borg invade in the first episode and the entire series takes place in an intergalactic post-apocalyptic wasteland frought with danger and warring factions.


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9. Worf feels guilty because he is neither a proper Klingon warrior nor a real human, so he spends all his off-duty hours in the holodeck releasing his anger, frustration, and self-loathing.

10. Reg Barclay is a stalker who uses his genius with computers to spy on Troi while she's alone.

11. Lore (Mr. Hyde to Data's Dr. Jekyll) manipulates Geordi and the rest of the crew; they don't realize he even exists.

12. Each character has his or her own agenda, which leads to lots of conflict. At least once per episode, people will aim phasers at each other, even on the bridge of the ship, because the show has to be more intense.


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While I don't think we'll actually see a TNG reboot now, or ever, it's a curious idea.  The problem with the idea, as I see it, is that most of the crew aside from Riker and Picard had relatively short or uninteresting careers prior to serving aboard the Enterprise.  Thus, you rule out doing a "younger days" version of the show that brings in the major players.  A straight-up reboot might work, but unless you're going to tackle similar stories with the new actors, why not just make a new show?  I just don't see how they could do it as anything but a cash-in on fan goodwill toward established characters.

It might work if they did a TNG reboot in the Abramsverse, but I think they have tons of mileage to work with on the current cast for a number of years.  My only regret is that trilogies seem to be all the rage these days, and it's unlikely we'll see the current crew stay on past a third movie.  Where does Trek go from there?  I think bringing it back to TV is the only sensible answer, but I have a hard time imagining it what they're going to do with it to avoid the pitfalls of Enterprise.


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The reason that TNG was sooooo good was because of the writers and their stories, and the characters and their actors. If Picard wasn't played by Stewart and Riker by Frakes etc. I don't think it would be as good.


I think it would be funny to see it happen, but most likely it wouldn't be good for the franchise. Trek is a huge universe, the guys in charge just need to think of something newer but also they need to keep the old TNG formula.


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I don't think they should redo an entire series such as TNG because they means changing their whole story line. I have a lot of favorite stories with TNG and I do not want anyone to rewrite those. Somehow, Star trek has to move forward. Not go backwards and just rewritie the old stories. This is why I did not go the new Star Trek 2009 movie. I didn't like the idea of one of my favorite casts being replaced. And I did not like the writiers redoing the Star Trek story. However, I have since seen the movies and do like them. Only because they came up with a way to keep the original Star Trek story in tact.  But they cannot be inventing all sorts of alternate realities either. No, way too confusing. Somehow Star Trek has to move forward in time, into new territory and new stories.


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Isn't JJ-Trek enough punishment? Do we need to drag the TNG crew into his hell hole too? I swear Hollywood has no sence of creativity anymore!

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