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Into Darkness IMHO short & to the point

Jim Kirk

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Report this May. 17 2013, 4:02 pm

I saw the movie today (twice), I was expecting a mediocre movie (when you try to please everyone you always get mediorcacy).  I was pleasently surprised.  The movie was fantastic, great effects great story, a lot of fun.

I say well done!  Can't wait for the next movie

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Report this May. 18 2013, 7:13 am

I have to agree. I also watched the film twice on Thursday.

Funny story about that. I went onto Fandango on Wednesday afternoon to buy a Midnight showing ticket. It would've been my first Midnight premiere ever. The thing is, I wasn't paying attention, and I thought I was buying it for Thursday at Midnight prior to a Friday premiere.

I had absolutely no idea that they moved the release up a day, and I was buying it for THAT NIGHT.

So I'm rushing home from work and going straight to bed about 5pm, so I can wake up again at 10:30 to hit the Midnight showing. I went back and saw it again Thursday night, so I saw it twice in 24 hours, with no sleep between.

For me, the film was exactly what I expected it to be: A great film, but just short of how great the first was for me.

The first film was extremely moving for me. It played my emotions in a way no other film has. I'm normally someone who keeps my emotions close to my vest, but I openly wept at the transporter room scene between Spock and Sarek, when Sarek said he loved Amanda. (Expressions of love are far more likely to do that to me than death scenes.)

I think STID was an excellent film, a worthy sequel, and a great re-telling of the story. The continuity nods were played well, and the gags were welcome. It's also nice to see the Prime Directive taken seriously for once.

And I love the way they retooled the Klingons. 

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