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How to watch Star Trek? Please some help


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I admit that I've never watch any Star Trek series or movies yet. However, I want to make a start, but I don't know which one to start with...


Should I start with the series or the movies? If so, for example, I should start with movies, isn't it like Star Wars? I mean, should I watch first movie that published first?


Could someone please write the movies in order to watch?


Thanks a lot.


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Currently you can watch the entire 1st season of the original series on Hulu along with select episodes from season 2 and 3


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Quote: bunkey @ May. 17 2013, 3:26 pm


>Currently you can watch the entire 1st season of the original series on Hulu along with select episodes from season 2 and 3




So, If I won't watch the series and start directly from the movies, will I be out of the subject? Are series and the movies connected to each other?


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Well Space Seed and  Journey to Babel are the only direct connections to the Original Series films, really, but honestly, I would watch the series, first, at least some of the better episodes.  It's not a matter of continuity so much as getting to know the characters and watching the important moments of friendship.

Plus the movies are a little more action-y and the series examines more aspects of the human condition. But there are babes and battles, too.  You can cherry pick some good TOS episodes. I think there's top 20 lists somewhere on this board for all the series.

The movies are good, for the most part, depending on who you ask. You can skip The Motion Picture and go straight to second one, though.


As far as Star Trek The Next Generation, I would say that the series is all you really need to see. There is seven years of material and some amazing episodes.  There's probably a list as well.

The Next Generation movies can probably be saved for a rainy day when nothing else is on.

There's a lot of material.  You might want to start by watching just a few episodes and maybe your appetite will be whetted and you'll find yourself up at 4 am drinking redbull watching Netflix through bleeding eyes.

This is just my personal opinion.


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I'd try to watch everything in production order, but if you really don't like a series you can just skip it (although it should be noted that The Next Generation gets a lot better after it's first year, in case you make it that far) If you find that The Original Series is too dated for your taste (which some people do) than you can just skip ahead and watch the second through fourth original Star Trek movies, which form a united trilogy and are a great way to get into the franchise. Make sure you watch the "Space Seed" episode of The Original Series if you do that though, as it connects to the second film. Almost no one likes the first original Star Trek movie, so there's no need to watch it unless you're a big fan and want to see every last thing.


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I would suggest though, if you watch Journey to Babel as well. There's no specific plot connection but it the relationship between Spock and his father, Sarek comes into play later in the movies.


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Start with a few of the original series episodes, particularly Space Seed, then watch the movies. If you wanted to skip the original Motion Picture for another day that's fine. The movies jump started with Wrath of Khan in my opinion anyways. Someone who posted here about TNG series, yes watch all of it in its entirety! Deep Space Nine was great, but they went overboard a bit with religion and the drawn out Dominion war. Now as far as Voyager it was great once Jeri Ryan came in and they got her suited up in the skin type outfit, damn what a fox to this day! Lol With all due respect, just skip the show Enterprise. I guess a couple episodes were ok, but I lost interest in the show and quite frankly Scott Bakula did far better on Quantum Leap!


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You should watch a few highlights of the classic show before you try the movies, otherwise you won't know who any of the characters are or what they're up to. Each movie was sort of a reunion tour for the old band.

If you don't like TOS, skip to TNG. (Trekkies love acronyms). If you like that, watch the TNG movies. A background in TOS might help, but there are plenty of Trekkers who've given TOS a miss and manage to keep up.

DS9 and Voyager are a bit trickier, because they're spin-offs of TNG, and include a lot of stuff that won't make a lick of sense unless you've been paying close attention and taking notes. DS9 builds on lots of trivia introduced in TNG: aliens, wars, treaties, etc. Some fans say it's worth it for the epic scope, while others think it's boring. Voyager and Enterprise are similar: lots of references and trivia will mean nothing unless you've been initiated by TNG, but since the writers tended to recycle plots both the later series might actually be more entertaining if you haven't been spoiled already.


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Thanks guys,

I will certainly start with TOS, having the TOS is end, I will pass to TNG, right?


After the series, I will start to watch the movies.


Thanks again guys, helped much.  


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I'd like to throw in a very OCD method of watching if you are interested?lol

The complete chronological sequence of Star Trek.

The full franchise is as follows

Star Trek Enterprise Seasons 1-4

Star Trek The Original Series Seasons 1-3

Star Trek The Animated Series Seasons 1-2

Star Trek The Motion Picture

Star Trek II The Wrath of Kahn

Star Trek III The Search For Spock

Star Trek IV The Voyage Home

Star Trek V The Final Frontier

Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country

Star Trek The Next Generation Seasons 1-5

Now it gets tricky, but it's worth it!

Next Generation Season 6/Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season 1. Begin watching Deep Space Nine after the TNG Season 6 2 parter Chain of Command. Watch the two seasons together.

Next Generation Season 7/Deep Space Nine Season 2

Deep Space Nine Season 3/Star Trek Generations. Watch Generations after the DS9 episode Meridian./Star Trek Voyager Season 1

Deep Space Nine Season 4/Voyager Season 2

Deep Space Nine Season 5/Voyager Season 3/Star Trek First Contact. Watch First Contact right around the DS9 episode Rapture.

Deep Space Nine Season 6/Voyager Season 4

Deep Space Nine Season 7/Voyager Season 5/Star Trek Insurrection. Watch Insurrection around the DS9 episode Prodigal Daughter

Voyager Season 6

Voyager Season 7

Star Trek Nemesis

You can insert Abrams Trek anywhere you choose, as Abrams Trek takes place in an alternate timeline and has no effect or impact on the prime universe.

This is more of a brief overview, but if you like the idea and are interested in watching this way, let me know and I will give you a more detailed breakdown of exactly what sequence to watch episodes when in TNG, DS9 and Voyager. It will be very time consuming for me to write it all out, so I just wanted to do the simpler version for right now. Just let me know!


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Pretty accurate listing of all TOS episodes from worst to best


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The films were made with the assumption that people who watched them will have already seen the TV series (TOS and TNG, at least) -- so I would most definitely start with the series if possible. You will get a lot more out of the movies if you have some foreknowledge of the characters etc.

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Don't start with the movies.

As to the series, you can watch all the series except voyager here on this website. They're under 'videos' at the top. I wouldn't worry about chronology or anything. Just keep clicking until you find an episode you like. Watching chronologically is a very fan-centric activity. While it's true many references won't make sense when viewing out of order, they won't unduly distract from any given episode you might enjoy. Many will fly over your head unnoticed while you're engrossed in this or that element of the show. Also, chronological viewing is very workmanlike and not the way people watch tv. And because of the uneven quality of the series, watching that way may turn you off completely from star trek before you have a chance to find something you really like, which you almost certainly will.

So just watch the way you likely normally do at home: if you see something you like, stick around -- if you see something that sucks, move on. Once you're into the show, you'll go back to those skipped episodes and notice all the good stuff you didn't appreciate at first. I've been watching star trek for some 25 years -- practically since I was born. And I still find new things to love about it all the time.


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As far as the Movies are concerned 2-4 are connected so it would be best to watch Space Seed (TOS) to get so understand what is going on in the The Wrath Of Kahn. The Motion Picture and The Final Frontier are really for Trekkies only although The Final Frontier will test the patience of trekkies. The Undiscovered Country is a great send off of the original crew. As far as the TNG movies go First Contact is the best one although I really enjoyed Nemesis. 

As far as the Series go for a new person definately watch Space Seed, Journey To babel, The City of the edge of forever and The Trouble with Tribbles from TOS. 

As far as TNG goes the first season is hit or miss. It really seems to hit its stride in season 3

DS9 is my personal favorite of all the series. The first couple of seasons are a bit slow. But seasons 4-7 feature some of the best writing in any of the series. Highlights are Take me out to the Holosuite, In the pale moonlight, The way of the warrior, Sacrifice of Angels. favor the bold, Plus Sisko is my favorite captain

Voyager is also a good series But i would choose a series and watch a few episodes and see if it appeals to you. I have been a Trek fan almost all my life. I still find new things about it all the time and love it even more and i like revisiting the characters.


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I was wondering the same thing... and after some research, basic excel skills and a bit of logic, I have created the unofficial STAR TREK TRACKER!  It includes all movies and tv series laid out in release order including overlapping seasons.  I just started watching and only have 1 episode left to watch in TOS season 1... I have a long way to go!

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