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Enjoy Eve Online free for 21 days


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Report this May. 17 2013, 1:48 pm

Clicking the link below will give you the chance to sign up and create a new Eve Online account free for the next 21 days.

For the next 21 days investigate what Eve Online has to offer. No permanent subscription required. If you choose to continue playing Eve Online simply purchase a GTC or get with a corporation that is able to make you enough isk to purchase game time for free.

What ever route you choose to go there is no obligation to purchase a paid account. So come on get out of that hangar this summer and try Eve Online.

Starting your account today will guarantee you will be able to enjoy what is being heralded as the best Eve Online expansion to date. With Dust514 for PS3 finally being released the bridge work has been laid for the first ever integration of a gaming console to a PC game. Don't miss your chance to be part of gaming history as CCP and Playstation go for broke on bridging the gap between console and pc games marking the first time in gaming history where gamers playing a console game such as Dust514 are able to participate with gamers playing Eve Online.

It will be a first for many gamers who can say that " I was there and part of gaming history."

Remeber there are no obligations to purchase a paid account. Enjoy the 21 days of free gaming that CCP is offering and if you should want to activate your account later as a paid account then do so through the forums at

Welcome to New Eden Pilot....Welcome to your destiny.

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