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The Voyage home


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When I first heard the stroy idea I thought 'well this'll be a bad film' then I watched and Leonard Nimoy being an amazing director made the story funny and moving. His casual swearing piyts a laugh in anyone! Overall this was an epic film!




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My least-favorite of the original series films. Still a good movie, no doubt...just not my thing. 


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I think this movie is a lot of fun to watch, with many classic moments. (It remains so far the only TOS movie or episode of which I have a copy.) Really although it does have some message of course, primarily it is a bit of fun, to be taken as fun. Hearing just a basic outline, I would also think, "y'what?", but there are enough classic moments in the movie to win me over. And the ensemble cast does a great job at being awkward in the twentieth century.

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?


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We are looking for nuclear wessels!

I love that movie, despite it being the opposite of the kind of movie I'd expect to like. You can't take it too seriously.



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Now every time I see Scotty I always go "Hello Computer"

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?


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The "humour" in VOYAGE HOME is very flat,
nearing lame in many instances. It's neutered,
Family-friendly and devoid of any tension, whatsoever.

When Gillian slaps Bob was probably the closest it came
to showing anything close to tension. Even when SARATOGA
is sinking, it's so stylized, you never doubt that they will be
rescued. Even the threat of The Probe is "realized" in this
"Natural Disaster" sort of way. Not as an "attack" of any kind.

I like that there's no ENTERPRISE, that's a novel STAR TREK
approach, and for once, it involves the High Seas, but Voyage
Home was so devoid of any real danger it couldn't be called
"exciting." What a shame the TOS movies didn't stop there.


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I personally liked it, simply because it let us exhale as fans.  After TWOK and TSFS with death, death, the Enterrpise blowing up and more death, I remember going to the theater not knowing what to expect, but fully expecting to be in tears at least once during the film.  I was pleasantly surprised after being emotionally beaten up for the last two films.  It was a much lighter movie to be sure, but I think it delivered and was a nice closure to the arc (like there was any doubt that Kirk would be found not guilty to begin with).  I loved the inclusion of Sarek and Amanda too.  i


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TVH is my favorite of the Star Trek movies. I love it!

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