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Why only TNG Chain of Command 2 was USS Enterpise D real change into warship.


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Let face all threats had in TNG only in Star Terk TNG Chain of Command  they took time change the ship into basic warship.


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That's because it wasn't a warship and its captain wasn't a warrior...?

It had the capability to be if so desired but its not what it was intended for. Not to mention that Jellico was in NO WAY like Picard. Picard is a diplomatic man who wants to avoid confrontation as best he can. Jellico...well he doesnt need any explaining.


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If anyone recalls, "Chain of Command" episode wasn't the first time Enterprise D was made into a warship.  During the 3rd season in "Yesterday's Enterprise" from the parallel universe the ship was a warship and only Guinan was aware something was off.


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Yes, the ship faced threats from time to time but war was not its mission. It was a scientific exploration ship, and the flagship.


It had armament, shields, saucer separation, etc... to defend itself, but that does not make it a warship. A warship would not be that big, not be full of science labs, civilians, not go on diplomatic or medical missions.

I'm sure there are plenty of ships in Starfleet tasked primarily with defense, but it would be awfully boring to focus a show around one of them.


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Just the same how much time do it take turn USS Enterpise D into warship. In Star Terk Chain of Command 1. Not very long Jellico all error get the job done and effective to. Kind like Best of Both World part I. PIrcard done everything Jellico did to the USS Enterpise D. Pircard not be a warior well soemtime have to be warrior not always choose. I dipilmatic, warroir, peace keeper each when I had to do job. I had do job right make change right to my self.

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