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The Next, Next Generation!


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We have a special announcement from Rod Roddenberry… 


“Ladies, Gentlemen, Friends, & Family, I’m proud and excited to announce that Heidi and I will be bringing the Next, Next Generation to planet Earth. We’ve learned that it’s a Boy and he’ll be arriving in August. Heidi is doing extremely well and all ultrasounds and tests have shown him to be in perfect health (Sorry, no pointed ears).

We thank you in advance for your well-wishes and warm sentiments. — Love, Rod & Heidi”


The rest of us here at Roddenberry Entertainment want to express our utmost happiness for both Rod and Heidi. 



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Well, who's going to deliver?

 Which doctor I should say?

 I vote for McCoy  


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Congratulations! Wishing the best for you all.


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congrats to them

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