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Into Darkness Sub Plots


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Ok, I'm new here and if you don't watch Star Trek or are new to it then the new movie is good.

But if you know of Star Trek or are an oldie then there is some questions which I don't think I have seen in other posts., which destroys some TOS, TMP and a Voyager episode. There may be more.

3 major questions ?

1- Khan. Space Seed. Kirk is meant to come across Khan within the 5 year mission and awake him, then banish him and his genetically modifed crew to Ceti Alpha 5. In the new movie Marcus has already found Khan and used him for military tech. How does this work and how does this effect the TOS series, especially the Space Seed episode ???

2- Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock and The Voyage Home. After Into Darkness, how is these 3 movies meant to happen ??? Khan is supposed to be banished, then how will Spock die and how does the whole Genesis story meant to happen ?? Is Kirk meant to re-come across Khan ? Knowing full well of his history ??? Yeah right !!

3- Voyager episode "Futures End": There is a 29th century crew that deals with time riffs, so wouldn't they stop Nero in the first place and end this whole JJ Abrams "Alternate Timeline"

Interesting questions if you ask me !


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I have some ideas, but I will hold onto them until more people have had time to see the film. They are interesting questions, though. 


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None of this really matters.

It's one of any number of alternate universes / realities that exist. The timeline unfolds differently (to your questions about Khan and how can Space Seed / TWOK happen now).

That's the whole point of the new franchise. They can't unfold that way any longer. So the range of possibilities is endless.


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They might have been able to stop Nero.

The time riffs people seem to abuse their powers for personal reasons.

They mess up time so much, don't know how they could get it to work.

The time riffs people did not stop Kirk bringing whales back, or stop the Borg time travel attack.

Or Sisko and Tribbles, and many others.









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The hardest question to answer is how Marcus came across Khan in the alternate timeline so much more quickly than the Federation came across him in the original timeline, but for most viewers/viewings, it will suffice to just not think about it, since the precise locations of things in fictional Federation space is not central to the drama and interest of the old stories or the new story in this case.  If that's not satisfying enough, anyone can extend enough imagination to dream up his or her own wonkish canon answer about alternate events affecting where Marcus went and whatnot.

As for the temporal police or whatever they were in Voyager, that was just a really dumb idea (and this is coming from someone who loved Voyager, just to be clear about my own biases and motivations).  The premise of some super powerful force policing temporal incursions, apart from being riddled with internal inconsistencies, basically ruins any time travel story that does not address it, including many already told before those Voyager episodes.  But again, for those who want wonkish canon answers to continuity problems, I'm sure some can be/have been dreamed up.

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