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new main antagonist


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if star trek was to make a new series, based in the 25 century, what species would you like to be the main protagonist? who would you want to to be newly allied with the federation, or maybe you want the federation to be the badies? i dont care, just post it 



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Well... remember when the Enterprise D was in the M-33 galaxy in "Where No One Has Gone Before"?  They said they sent a messge that would take almost 52 years to reach Starfleet.  Maybe when they receive that message, something comes with it... maybe something living in subspace.


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We already have a thread just below this one that asks a really similiar question, but I'll go anyway

Allies-Romulans, Cardassians

Enemies-Klingons, Orions, Bajorans, Breen, Gorn


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New Life Forms = enemy.

main protagonist:

Ian McShane playing an Admiral of a Confederation of Planets that has split off from The Federation.

Allies: Andorians, Half of Earth, Klingons, Remans, Vulcans, Kazons, Benzites.


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Somebody new, from somewhere unknown.

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Quote: OtakuJo @ May. 15 2013, 12:44 am


>Somebody new, from somewhere unknown.


I agree.  Perhaps it's time to introduce some new bad blood as villains.

I like my Zakdorns and the Zaharan culture--silicon-based beings who can change their appearance by changing their body-temperatures!--I developed.  They could be some new good guys.


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The more I play, the more I'm liking the underlying themes behind the Star Trek: Online story.

A Romulan civil war, the Empire vs. Republic, each taking sides in a Klingon vs. Federation war... Species 8472 floating around posing as leaders of all sides... and behind it all, the 4 million-year-old extinct Iconians who aren't as extinct as we once though--and they're baaaaaaaad.

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I really wish I could play STO at home.  When I get a new laptop, that is the first thing I will do.  I may take a three day weekend.

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