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What Would You Have In a New Series?


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I think it should be an expansion into the future where Voyager and Nemesis left off. Peace with the Romulins, and technology developed to go back to the delta quadrent to bring stability, and take on the borg based on the civil war that was stiring from unimatrix the way, whatever happened to the baby borg that the doctor saved when the borg children were found, it was never mentioned again?


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I would like to see the TOS characters
cast as different sexes and whatnot ...
with its own reboot. I think a bi-curious
Kirkette and Spockette getting it on
would send the ratings sky high!


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I think it should be an expansion into the future, but long after Nemesis and Voyager. There's too much baggage from the three 24th-century series for a new show to fluorish on its own in that timeframe.


I don't want to see a reboot of TOS or TNG. TOS and TNG were done right the first time, there is absolutely no need to redo them.


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I'm fine with not seeing a new Star Trek TV series, because it would probably end up "darker and edgier" to align more closely with our modern times. But if I had my druthers, a new Trek would have a new ship, new aliens, and none of the baggage of the previous shows -- perhaps a mission to explore some far-flung corner of the galaxy that's never heard of Klingons or Ferengi. The story would still be about human nature and ethical dilemmas, with a heavy helping of scientific speculation thrown in, but without the space operatics and technobabble and restrictive canon of what went before.

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