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Delta Quadrant's fiercest enemy

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Created by: startrek23cookie


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Who hurt Voyager the most during their expedition in the Delta Quadrant? They are all worthy advesaries but who was the worst?


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The Kazon was not a worthy adversary. Don't get me wrong while not the best I didn't mind them but to put them in the same poll as the Borg and Herogen is a massive compliment to them.


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Species 8472 technically doesn't count, since they're actually from a different dimension.

I have to go with the Borg as well.

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I chose the Borg as well. However if they had really run afoul of the Voth more they were their technological betters.

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I vote for species 8472 because they are  very powerful enemies who attacked "Voyager".

Kazon is not dangerous enemy because they are as a Klingon but only in Delta quadrant. 

Borg also is not dangerous enemy,they are can only assimilated but not destroy planets as a species 8472 or capture planets as a Kazon. 


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The Kazon were nothing compared to the Federation, they just outnumbered them a lot. The Phage weren't much really from what I remember. Herogen were probably my favourite enemy as I found them the most interesting but we saw their efforts t hunt down that lone member of Species 8472 and they were really proved to be the weaker species, as were the Borg when they came across Species 8472.

While Mitchz95 is right, they don't technically count, I voted for Species 8472 as they were clearly the most fierce enemy Voyager came across and the were in the Delta Quadrant for a while. Whether it's their home or not.

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