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Report this May. 13 2013, 7:09 pm

Here is something really interesting. Look at Chris' image in the bubble. Even though he is upside down his image is right side up. How is this possible? Would we see a similar image like this peering through a black hole at another Universe where what we think is upside down and vice versa for someone on the other sie. Such a thought makes my mind tingle. If we see his image in this manner where light has been twisted into the correct facing perhaps light is being twisted from a black hole in the same mnner.

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  1 of 3Choose a Thumbnail No Thumbnail   I wonder if light performs in the same manner with a blackhole. The black hole could be twisted one way where light would be perceived as an upside or rightside up image when looking through the blackhole to the other side.  


Sorry if words are mispelled. I am mining and cannot be bothered with such....trivial things atm.

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