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watching the series


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all i watch is ds9. i have them on my computer. so when i get home i sit infront and watch the same episodes for years. im 20 ive been watching ds9 over and over and over again. since 16 i can recite all the lines by heart. i think i use ds9 as my excape. i hate my life and i hate the world i live in. if i can not watch ds9 at lest 5-6 hours a day then i would sincerly think about suicide. i dream all night of being here wake up crying. so my question is how offen to you watch ds9



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It sounds like I'm not alone with watching either one of the series over and over again! Mother makes fun & always ask why I keep watching and wonders why I'm never bored with it. It's hard to explain to those who aren't as dedicated fans like we are. I loved DS9 just as much as TNG, and I'm 33 now. I'm really looking forward to the Chicago convention, but such a shame the cast from DS9 isn't doing a reunion performance cause that be neat to see!


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A little less often these days, but still quite often. It is my obsession.

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