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Worst Star Trek character?

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Created by: QueenData


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Kes was just irritating. I dont know how else to put it.


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Pulaski.  Followed up by Kes, then Wesley Crusher.

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I disliked Kes the most. I think the idea behind the species was interesting. For the first time we would see a species that didn't live longer than humans. We could have watched the whole lifespan of a person and dealt with all the drama that comes with that. I think the character was just poorly cast, they picked the most borin peson in the world to play her. Someone so boring that conventions refuse to book her for stage time


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I agree. Kes was just boring and the actress was very bland. She struck me as the artiste type.  It's very rare that I blaeme a poor character on the actor but in this case I think it rests squarely on Jennifer Lien. Every Kescentric episode was a snoreferst.  I know that legend says that Garrett Wang was supposed to be cut but at the last minute he was saved by People magazine and I'm glad they axed her and not him.


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Since Rom wasn't an option, I voted for Neelix, who was almost as irritating.

Pulaski, on the other hand, is one of my favorites, and I've got nothing against Wesley. Most of the antipathy towards Wesley seems to be the result of self-loathing geeks who can't help but see a critique of themselves in an annoying teenage space-nerd.


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Pulaski had the worst bedside manner of any doctor, including the EMH.

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Neelix. Through no fault of Ethan Phillips, mind you. I think Neelix was intended in the beginning to be the Spock/Data/Odo/Outsider-view-of-humanity character on Voyager. The problem is that they proceeded to make Neelix INTENTIONALLY irritating, mostly through his interactions with Tuvok. What the writers didn't anticipate was that, as he was irritating Tuvok, he was also irritating the audience. He got better as the series progressed and he even had a number of poignant moments throughout the show, but over all, Neelix was easily the closest thing to a Jar-Jar-Binks in the Star Trek universe.


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Pulaski is by far the worst. I'm surprised that Sisko, Beverly, Wesley, Miles, Kes, & Worf were even on this list they were all great!


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Easy. Chakotay. His Native American heritage wasn't a terrible idea, but the only purpose it serves is to complete the multiethnic Star Trek rainbow, his character has no gusto (shocking for a Maquis leader) and he's played woodenly by Robert Beltran. 


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Dr. Pulaski but Ginnon should have been on that list. That character was ridiculous.

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Microbrain & Benji, but I chose Microbrain with my 1 vote because he was in 4 more seasons & 4 movies.


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Quote: trill13 @ Jul. 17 2013, 10:25 pm


>Pulaski is by far the worst. I'm surprised that Sisko, Beverly, Wesley, Miles, Kes, & Worf were even on this list they were all great!

I agree with all.


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Now, if you'd had QUARK,  I would have voted for him.

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