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Favorite VOY character?

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Created by: QueenData


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I voted for the Doctor because we really got to see the evolution of his character from start to finish. Unlike Kes and Seven who only appeared for a few seasons, the Doctor was around fromt he beginning and we really got to see every struggle and triumph in his evolvement. A close second would be Seven for me. Janeway third and Tuvok fourth. So many great characters that the show did a great job a focusing on each of them.


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It's really hard for me to pick just one character. But if i had to go with one i would say probably tom paris there's just something about him and his character that i find interesting.


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Mine is B'elana. Such a great, earthy character and a brilliant actress!


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I love all the characters in Voy, except Kes (sry, but she is so uninteresting).
Now i'm watching Voy one more time and each episode i have a different favorite character, first Chakotay, then Janeway, then Seven....
Its a hard question, but i took Janeway.


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The Doctor got my vote.....with Seven and Kim tied for last place .


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I gotta say the Doctor. He's just....funny. Has a weird personality and always get a laugh. He's funny, sarcastic, etc. Second would be Tuvoc cuz of his...lack of humor. I like when he gets caught off guard and gets that look on his face. Too funny.



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I voted Tuvok. All the Seven votes surprised me. The Doctor is #2 on my list tied with Janeway.

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Something is wrong with this poll. I have logged in several times and tried to vote for Kes but that seem to be impossible.

Please delete this thread and construct a poll where there is possible to vote for all characters.


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I choose Janeway. She was the heart of the show.

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All of them are awsome it is hard to chose one

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I voted for Tom. I just think he had the most caharcter development. Aside from Seven and the Doctor - but their development was a givenl therefore his was the most natural. Plus he is a heck of a lot of fun!


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Seven of Nine. Borg=Awesome

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