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Favorite VOY character?

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Created by: QueenData


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I chose tom, although B'Elanna is a very close second. Tom is such a funny guy, although my temperment is more like B'Elanna


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I voted for Seven but I also always liked Janeway and Tuvok so if I'd to chose a second then I'd vote for them.


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Seven of Nine--her suit was so shiny!

Var Miklama--Zakdorn, engineer. "A sound mind in a FULL body!" "Time, like latinum, is a limited quantity in the galaxy."


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I'm puzzled as to how the Doctor could possibly lose this poll. We were able to follow his character development from his beginning, he was always distinctive and I feel that Voyager's better stories often had him as a significant element.

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Voted for Neelix for sure


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Seven of Nine, with The Doctor being a close second.


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B'Elanna, without doubt--my favorite character in all of Trek, the one I most identify with.

But I like all of the characters, except Kes, and even Kes was okay in most episodes.  Unlike with most shows, Voyager did not have any major characters I actually disliked.  In my top group of favorites, after B'Elanna would come the doctor, Neelix, Janeway and Chakotay, in that order.  In my bottom group of characters, the characters I liked but did not love, would be Seven, Tuvok, Tom, Harry and Kes, in that order.

Falor was a prosperous merchant who went on a journey to gain greater awareness: Through storms he crossed the Voroth Sea/ To reach the clouded shores of Raal/ Where old T’Para offered truth./ He traveled through the windswept hills/ And crossed the barren Fire Plains/ To find the silent monks of Kir./ Still unfulfilled, he journeyed home/ Told stories of the lessons learned/ And gained true wisdom by the giving. – Falor’s Journey, “Innocence”


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I voted for Tom...he's the onl;y one I wanted to roll around in bed with.


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The handsome Chakotay!


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Is something wrong with this poll? I voted for Kes but it hasn't showed up in the poll.


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I loved all the main characters but its Captain Janeway that kept that ship going.  


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Captain Janeway!!!!


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The Doctor, he's the one that kept me from abandoning the series.

Which is strange, since my least favorite character was the holodeck.

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