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What to do in Chicago?


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Hi All,

So excited to be heading out to Illinois for the first time!  We are arriving one day early so I figured the hubby and I should go to Chicago and explore but we are not sure what to do!  We are not sports fans!  The only touristy thing I can think of is visiting that tower where you can step out and see the ground below.  I won't be doing that but maybe hubby would.  We love walking around, eating (cheap) and shopping (cheap).  Also like nature stuff too, so any ideas would be great!  Also should we drive in to the city from the O'Hare or take another mode of transportation.  ANY advice would be helpful!  Also if you know of any cheap places to eat around the hotel then please let me know.  I need to save my $ for those expensive autographs/photo ops!! Also we are going to the Friday night Gold party so that leaves Saturday night open, so anything fun to do around the hotel area?


Thanks fellow fans!


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I've been to Chicago a couple times, but its been awhile. Not many things around Chicago are cheap. McDonald's may be the cheapest place to eat I'm afraid. But if there is one place to check out that's excellent is the Shed Aquarium! Well worth the money, just google to find how much. Save the rest for the convention because as you know there's much to do & spend for down there. As far as transportation, maybe the El train is the most economical cause you rent a car that's an expense plus all the extra toll fees in & around the area. Hope that helps a little?

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