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Life Lessons from TNG


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I just love how The Next Generation talks not just about science and technology but all about us being human.


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TNG was my favorite series because it explored so many areas, as you say, not just technology but morality and other important topics.  I did not always agree with its arguments or conclusions, but it examined important issues in a straightforward way (given the time-constraints).

As with the other Star Trek series, it makes one more tolerant of others who look different from ourselves.  That is one of the main benefits this enterprise brought to humanity, I think.

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TNG was always the best Star Trek series for thematic content, IMO. Ds9 had lots of moral dillemas, and TOS is underrated in this regard but was a lot more heavy handed than TNG. Measure of a Man and Tapestry are two of the best examples here.


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I think if you are looking for lessons about life
from television - even if it's through STAR TREK
- you're not really doing yourself any favors.
But STAR TREK: The Next Generation did draw
on the many different concerns that were very
relevant in the Eighties and Nineties and this,
no doubt, was a big part of its appeal.

When TNG ended its television run, the BIG BROTHER
that H.G. Wells warned us about had yet to become
reality. There was no 9/11. And yet, episodes like
DRUMHEAD, speak truly to such concerns, indirectly.
That's because this show does deal with the Human
Condition - sometimes preachily - but always at its core.


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I love The Next Generation in large part because it deals with the human condition and explores topics such as loyalty, honour, duty, friendship. It explores issues, such as relationships between father and son, tolerance towards other cultures, war and peace, ethics. Sone good examples of episodes that deal with these issues are Unification, I Borg, Ethics, The Defector, etc.



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The Next Generation has an incredible sense of character; a significantly large part of the success of the show derives from how the characters interact with one another, react to different situations, etc. So much of the life lessons that the show transmits to its audience is very character-centered and has manifested in different ways throughout the 7 seasons and 4 films through the many different characters.

But I also noticed that The Next Generation often stressed the importance of history. I think Stark Trek in general has a deep respect of history but The Next Generation particularly emphasized history in a number of their best stories. Some of my TNG favorites like ST: First Contact, Yesterday's Enterprise, Tapestry and others point out how much history dictates the future and how one must work to have knowledge of history, to preserve history (since it's Trek and time travel is possible) and to make good decisions in the present to secure a historical foundation for a prosperous future. This is very satisfying as a Trek fan and a history buff.

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