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The problems with making a new Star Trek series


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They do need a new series bad T.V sucks now the only good show thats on is South Park theres gotta be someone out there thats got enough balls to do it


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Well, if you go to you can find a couple new series in the works, but they don't seem much different than just rehashing the original. Expanding on the universe (pun intended) seems to be something that is lacking, however. A fresh, engaging story is needed to revitalize the series more than the new movies are doing. And since JJ Abrams owns some rights, but he's leaning more towards star wars atm, and CBS owns the rest of the rights, and they are leaning towards the original series, it is all just wishful thinking.

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Quote: jrwq1 @ Jul. 31 2013, 10:46 am


>They do need a new series bad T.V sucks now the only good show thats on is South Park theres gotta be someone out there thats got enough balls to do it


There is good stuff out there, however. If you haven't indulged in Game of Thrones, that can definitely tide you over for a while, and it's still going. I only mentioned this fantasy-based series on this sci-fi thread because you said South Park, so I figured anything was game.

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Star Trek Should do a Series based in the Future where there is the Temporal Star Fleet Agents. Something beginning with the temporal cold war, and then how it escalates to a full war. Endless possibilites with Star Trek



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When you are talking about traveling through the Galaxy with over 300 billion stars and billions of M class planets, how can there not be enough new ideas to think of? If the producers pick the brains of younger trekies I bet you thousands of great new ideas can be created for a fantastic new series.


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Star Trek is a great franchise because it have everything. There is nothing else on tv that can compare. It can have fast-paced sci-fi action, traveling to new areas of space, new galaxies and new planets, love stories, mystery, adventure, it can go forward and backward in time, comedy, tragedy, epic battles and facing arch villains, rescue missions, and stories of personal struggles and triumphs by main characters. There's also been a few musical performances here and there. The ideas are just endless. There is a ton of  ways to continue the Great Star Trek Saga. What other story line on TV or at the movies has this much to offer?

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my idea for a new series. Id love to know who to get in contact with to pitch it.

Borg FTW

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Not everyone will be happy with what ever new series was created, just like there are some people that don't like the new movies. I myself personally wouldn't mind see'ing a new Star Trek Fanchise and personally I couldn't really care whether its just a renewal of old ideas. Do you like the new films? Well in case you weren't aware they are just remaking the original series but a million times better (in my opinion) due to what poeple like more these days for example comedy and CGI. 

My personal idea would be a military/combat vessel, now before anyone has a rant on the fact that federation has no such thing... Defiant Class and Prometheus class. After the Dominion war and Voyagers return home you've got to admit the galaxy was in a pretty combative state. Lets face it during the dominion war all the Alpha Quadrant speices began producing more warships for what ever side they were on. 

Anyway a star fleet combat vessel operating on the edge of federation space I think would make a great series, their is an unlimited amount of species they could encounter that already exist such as Species 8472, The borg, Klingons, Romulans, Dominion and just general Pirates and Terroists. Not to mention the possible creation of a whole new speices for the show. Consider Battlestar Galactica (reimaged) crossed with Star trek? Personally I love battlestar galactica and although it is very different compared to Star Trek canon I think it could work. 

What do you guys think? I welcome criticism but don't be rude.


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Over the last year I've been re-watching all of the Star Trek series back to back.  I'm at series 5 of Voyager now and I've formulated some thoughts about what the show does well and where it lacks.  

Before you even get to a storyline or characters the biggest problem you have to face is how the stories are told.  There is so much history involved from earlier series that the writers, producers and directors will automatically bombard us with exploding console panels, falling bulkheads and confected moral arguments.  The tricks for injecting drama into the show need to change.  Similarly with the characters.  I'm not an American and it is painfully obvious how many of the Star Trek characters are typical stereotypes made for US consumption.  When I first started watching Voyager it was almost amusing how every character was so stereotyped by their appearance and behaviour - except for Tuvok.  I'll leave that for others to speculate as to why.  One of my major criticisms of the show is that the Federation is supposedly an enlightened group of people but the typical character in the show is a total xenophobe.  In DS9 in particular the typical Federation citizens response to Ferengi or Cardassians was totally inconsistent with a viable alliance of different cultures.  This is only the result of poor writing and a lazy way of introducing characters into the show. 

I would love to see a rediscovery of the Star Trek universe.  I believe it could still produce fantastic sci-fi but it does need to grow up from tendencies of being Bold and the Beautiful for nerds.  

Here's hoping that someone eventually comes along who can recreate Star Trek, preserving what is brilliant about it but recognising that many parts of it need to be consigned to history.  I don't think the answer is to go all action ala JJ Abrams.  Star Trek needs to be more intelligent than that - but decent action always has a place.


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The problems cited with Voyager and Enterprise were caused by a lack of direction; Voyager did have some great storylines, and Enterprise should have had another season, since its last kicked so much ass. 


If they wanted to make another series soon, they should invest in a sense of wonder. Without it you get Voyager and Enterprise (except for the last season).

They should also hire REAL Science Fiction writers for possible scripts, instead of TV writers who will have a tendency to create formula. 

The story will be the exploration of Space (a never-ending challenge). 

The next cast will be the most diverse, and should writers should explore that diversity completely.

The next series should not be based on the current movie line, because it won't fly. It won't fly cause you can't tie up any loose ends from previous series. And there are so many things to follow up on.

The stories would also be able to comment on the somewhat shabby state our world is in now. There are so many issues to tackle, and Star Trek can only do that effectively with a series. 

CBS is owned by the same company as Paramount, so having a place to show it is not a problem.

So, really, its not a matter of Not doing a series, its a matter of When, and How Soon.

Inevitably, there will be another series. Paramount cannot ignore a fan base/cash cow so large. But they will wait to see if they can cash out the movie line.

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sinfultictac I was thinking along the same lines, only regarding the sphere builders/Federation war, 300 years in the future.

Blalock & Nimoy were the best two actors in the Star Trek universe. Go Vulcans!


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 A show about the time from just before first warp flight to enterprise, covering maybe 10-20 years a season?


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Quote: jbjoca @ May. 12 2013, 2:11 pm


>The problems with making a new Trek series... Paramount doesn't want to step on little JJ's toes because he's making them money.  Give me a break.  The dude admitted he's not into Star Trek... Star Wars was his sci-fi.  Bring back Roddenberry's vision of space exploration and drop this Abrams action-packed nonsense.  Such a shame Paramount ditched the loyal fans for new blood.  MOST ILLOGICAL.


No, what is more illogical is being a selfish trekkie like yourself by not accepting the attempt to try to revive intrest in Star Trek...that is what is Illogical....the only way to successfully revive star trek is to get it to be mainstream again so that money is made by the Producers and Studios and to show that Sci-Fi still has an is the companies that have really made star trek what it is (sadly...but money talks incredibly loud....louder than disgruntled fanboys anyway)...just thank Lucielle Ball for making Roddenberry's TOS even happen

Now should we sit by while classic trek rots, heck no! But Star Trek is relevant again...I think the only show with a chance of making it today is a 21st Century DS9 because of its serialized and somewhat dark messages...that was the OPPOSITE of Roddenberry's plan and is aguably the BEST Star Trek social commentary

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