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The Jodi Arias Case


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How would Juan Martinex have handled the case if Jodi had been killed by Travis after he slammed her on the ground?

If Travis had killed Jodi as a result of slamming Jodi to ground and Juan Martinez was the prosecuting attorney how would he have gone about prosecuting Travis Alexander? I think it would be a very good scenario to play out to see how Juan would have handled the case if the people involved were switched around where Travis killed Jodi. How would Juan have handled the case? Let's see how much man Juan really is and test him and throw the above scenario his way....just for fun. I wonder what the outcome would be and what evidence would be used to convict Travis in the death of Jodi Arias.

Step up Juan and show us how you would have convicted Travis.


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Wow everyone's eyes are so clouded over by Travis and his sister.

First - Screw Juan Martinez.

Second - Lets look at Jodi's past. One of Jodi's former boyfriends, Erin, said that Jodi not once talked about or engaged in any type of sexual lingo or acts that she did with Travis.

Not once. Jodi was with Erin for four years and not once did Erin say that Jodi acted in the manner with him that Travis made Jodi act out with him.

During Friday's HLN, HLN revealed what the (explicative) that were said during the conversations that Travis had with Jodi regarding Jodi sounding like a 12 year old  having her first orgasm. Travis said that it was hot meaning that he did have a sexual desire to engage in a sexual act with a 12 year old girl which is provable based upon the definition of what a pedophile is.

The words that were revealed were "Jerked off" and "Raped" .Travis had a recurrent dream of jerking off to the notion of him raping Jodi sometimes three times a day and because he had the recurrent urge of viewing Jodi as a 12 year old little girl having her firs orgasm it can also be proved that since Travis fantasized about Jodi sounding like a 12 year old little girl having her first orgasm then it can also be proven that Travis fantasized about having a sexual encounter with a 12 year old little girl where he would view Jodi as a 12 year old little girl that he would jerk off to along with fantasizing about raping a 12 year old little girl because he viewed Jodi as a 12 year old little girl.

Doctor Drew should be the best source of information regarding Travis recurrent sexual desires a as pedophile. After all he is a sex doctor

Thirdly - Although Jodi's use of the firearm can be proven Jodi's use of the knife cannot be proven nor can it be proven that Jodi stabbed Travis for the simple fact that unless the knife if present that can be tested positive to have both Jodi's fingerprints and Travis DNA, skin and bone fragments on it then Jodi cannot be charged with stabbing Travis. Jodi's confession can e excepted as proof positive that Jodi stabbed Travis because there is no knife to prove that Jodi's confession is true.

Fourth: Travis and Samantha both had the fear of cockroaches. When Samantha made her comment to the jury about her Travis hating cockroaches and stomping them out Samantha turned and looked at Jodi with a look that says "Yeah we stamped you out you little cockroach."

Fifth: In Travis blog Travis made mention of him having a fear of a woman having a penned up axe murderer inside of her as well as Travis worrying about the same female thinking of him as having a penned up axe murderer inside of him as well.

Why would Travis view himself as having a penned up axe murderer inside of him unless Travis in fact had a very aggressive and abusive side that he feared he would not be able to control. Such fear is wrapped around his pedophilia where if he was discovered that he was a pedophile that a woman would kill him or that he would have to kill the woman to keep his secret safe.

Travis' use of the word RAPE when he thought about Jodi in a sexual manner sometimes jerking off three times a day does prove once again that Travis WAS a sexually abusive person. People who are not do say such things even when engaging in phone sex with each other.

The fact that Jodi recorded the conversation and not Travis is irrelevant. Why would Travis record himself saying what he did knowing that any such evidence could be used against him by the law or the church?

Why didn't Jodi goto the law with her recorded conversation between her

In order for Travis to be possibly looked at by the criminal justice system Jodi would had to have filed some type of complaint against Travis in Maricopa County. Such a complaint would have raised the suspicions of the law enforcement in regards to Travis's status in the community as well as making law enforcement look at the entire Alexander family in a different light especially Samantha whose law enforcement career might then be jeopardized because of Travis having a complaint filed against him for being a possible pedophile who would then be watched for the rest of his life.

After confronting Travis on the night in question about going to the church or law with the recorded conversation Travis rapes Jodi because Travis thinks that Jodi enjoys such things slams her to the ground and kicks her and then goes to the bathroom.

Now why would anyone go to the bathroom like Travis did? It is obvious that Travis wanted to take a shower to wash away any evidence of such a rape. If this isn't true and Travis loved Jodi like he said he did then why wouldn't he and Jodi take a shower together to experience something new? Its obvious that Travis liked experimenting sexually otherwise Travis would not have engaged in the sexual fantasy where he thought of Jodi as being a 12 year old little girl.

Jodi after being raped by Travis which Travis did fantasize about recurrently Jodi then shoots Travis in the head. The stabbing cannot be used as evidence against Jodi because Juan Martinez has not proved that Jodi stabbed Travis beyond a reasonable doubt because there is no knife that proves Jodi stabbed Travis even Jodi has confessed to the stabbing there is no evidence that Jodi stabbed Travis. Without the knife being present Jodi's confession of stabbing Travis and Juan's base of prosecution is nothing but speculation. Speculation is not proof of a crime in either Jodi's confession or Juan's statements that insist that Jodi brutally stabbed Travis. Without proof, being he knife, the charges against Jodi brutally stabbing Travis cannot be made against Jodi.

Let me paint this picture for you. When I was younger my brother and I were shooting our BB guns in the basement of the house. We were shooting them into a bucket that had that had a waded up tow placed in to keep the BB's from ricocheting and possibly breaking a window. The B guns were low powered and only shot maybe ten feet. While shooting I turned and noticed that the basement door window which was about six feet away from us had a small hole in it. The hole was larger than a BB because I measured the hole against one of the BB's that we had. I then told my brothers dad what happened where we both got into trouble.

In this case it was assumed that one of use had shot the window with our BB guns even though the hole was larger than the BB's that we were using. It is also not possible for a ricochet to have occurred.

The only other possibility is that one of the other kids in the valley which there was only one other family with kids about 1000 yards away shot the widow. The window didn't break mind you and if it had been one of us that had shot the window the concussive force of compressed air would have caused the glass to shatter as it added force to the window from being at such a close range to the end of the BB gun muzzle.]

So in this case we were charged with a crime just because there was hole in the window and that the hole was round and that we were shooting BB guns even though the hole was not the same size of our BB's.

In Jodi's case Juan is saying that Jodi stabbed Travis with Jodi saying that she stabbed Travis as well. But without the knife...there is no evidence that proves Jodi stabbed Travis. A confession of guilt is not proof.


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Report this Jun. 11 2013, 10:27 am

It doesn't matter if Travis knew he was being recorded or not. That argument is irrelevant. If Travis had known that Jodi was recording their conversation then Travis would most likely have never mentioned his comment about Jodi sounding like a 12 year old little girl. Nor would Travis had made the comment that he thought about raping Jodi and jerking off to the notion up to three times a day now would he? Why would Jodi record the conversation this time unless there had been other conversations where Travis had been as sexually deviant in this conversation as he had been in others? If this had been the first time that Travis had spoken to Jodi in the manner that was recorded then Jodi would not have been ready to record the conversation as Jodi would not have been expecting Travis to say what he did. But since Jodi recorded the conversation that she did means that Travis spoke to her like he did on more than one occasion. Jodi needed evidence to present to the Church and Law Enforcement officials pertaining to Travis pedophilia. That is why Jodi recorded the conversation. If Travis did not have the recurrent sexual fantasies that he role played with Jodi then there would not have been any reason for Jodi to want to record the conversation to begin with now would she?

Travis said that he wanted to kill himself. Why? Because he knew Jodi had recorded the conversation pertaining to Jodi's moaning sounding like a 12 year old little girl along with Travis saying that jerked off to the notion of raping Jodi upto three times a day. A conversation that Travis knew would destroy his career if It ever got out. What I think happened is this. Jodi wanted Travis to get help with his pedophilia that is why she kept after him.

It was also Travis who constantly called Jodi after they had broken up. Why? Because Travis knew that Jodi had taped the conservation involving the conversation involving Travis thinking of Jodi as a 12 year old little girl moaning having her first orgasm that Travis jerked off to upto three times a day. Travis even made the comment that he fantasized about raping Jodi. All of which is from the recorded conversation that can be read at CNN.

Jodi knew that if she didn't make Travis get the help that he might actually commit an act of pedophilia with a young girl that would come back on her because Jodi knew and had recorded the conversation involving the 12 year old  little girl comment. Travis on the other hand could not even allow himself to get help professionally because then everyone around Travis would have found out about his sexual fantasies that would have ruined him because of the investigation that would have followed. Travis said that he wanted to commit suicide. According to religious belief if a person commits suicide for any reason that they are sent to hell. This is the reason why Travis could not kill himself because he didn't want to go to hell. But if Travis was killed then according to belief any and all sins are cleansed prior to entering heaven thus making Travis pure and clean again.

Travis therefore continued to demean Jodi by abusing her like he did both sexually and emotionally and physically so that Jodi would lose her grip during such a session of abuse where Jodi might actually attack Travis and kill him.

In this case if you have been watching the case Travis has been painted to be this perfect little angel even though his pedophilic conversation says otherwise while Jodi has been painted this horrific demon. Basically Travis incited Jodi to kill him so that his sins of being a pedophile would be washed away after his death while the demon that was chasing him because of his sexual fantasies would instead go after Jodi Arias during her trial while Travis silently slipped into heaven after his death...........Not so fast Travis. Marines guard that gate. 

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