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Views on 'Into Darkness' after the Dublin showing from a Lapsed Fan (Spoiler free)


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A somewhat lapsed fan; was quite addicted to all things Trek during the glorious 90s when the shows were on TV 5 days a week. Loved the NextGen movies for the most part, but since then have lost touch a wee bit.

Just home after seeing 'Into Darkness' tonight on the huge IMAX screen here in Dublin and have to say I loved it! I've been reading the boards tonight (just registred actually) and had no idea of the 'treason' J.J. Abrams was accused of, I thought his work on the original chapter of the reboot in 2009 was in the main a great return of the Trek brand. All I can tell you is that whatever uncoolness was attached to Trek (with the inferior in every damn way Star Wars being considered hip) doesn't exist in the minds of moviegoers these days - it's a huge release and colleagues and friends of mine who wouldn't have been fans before are speaking of it in anticipatory terms like they would any big release hyped.

'Into Darkness' delivered for me anyway, massively entertaining, less of the nuanced characterisation Trek does so well and a surplus of action - but - the action is thrilling, the story is very good, and even with the dominant action it still had so much rich dialogue and chemistry between the leads, it really felt like Trek. Some of the very best scenes are not the action (which are edge of your seat in some instances) but are the well written interaction between the characters we all know so well. Dialogue sparkles, a relief after sci-fi giant and rival Star Wars' stilted awful words. It felt like Trek, it had humour, pathos, and a real connection.

Hyped, huge and Hollywood, yes, but with the charm of the original Trek; that's what it was for me anyway.


4.5 out of 5. Excellent entertainment for the casuals and fans alike, but with a human centre.


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Thank you for a well thought out and rational review.

No one is much interested unless you "rant" though apparently

Shatner's Grim Reaper

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Quote: Somniac @ May. 11 2013, 7:30 am


>Thank you for a well thought out and rational review.

>No one is much interested unless you "rant" though apparently


Quite the contrary....HEAR HEAR !!!!!  Fabulous review.  Keep 'em coming. 


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Agree! Don't let sour grapes keep you from preaching the good news! Thanks for the update!


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Loved it. Good job IrelandCalling!


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Great review. I'm hoping to see it on Thursday (opening night here in Canada). It's a school night, so hopefully it won't be too packed.

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I've got tickets for the Wed 8pm IMAX 3D sneak preview. It can't come quick enough...

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