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Siskel and Ebert reviews


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It's interesting to watch the old Siskel and Ebert clips on Youtube about older movies. I have been unable to find the shows where thay review TMP up to ST4. When I was a kid I remember seeing their review of ST2 the wrath of Khan and recalled they liked it. I can find Everts newspaper review for ST4.

The review for First Contact thru Nemesis can be found, and they raved about First Contact but gave the last two bad remarks except for Siskel.

Anyway, can anyone find a link to the Siskel and Ebert show of them reviewing ST 2? Thanks im advance.


PS: Do all of you hate the stupid captcha's as much as I do? I mean, you have to enter it EVERY TIME. And I can hardly ever read the second word!

Starbase 133

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Can't find ST II, but here's a link to III if you're curious:


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