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Early work on STID is IN


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Report this May. 08 2013, 5:53 pm

Even though there's only 37 reviews currently listed on, it's like early districts reporting in a big election...the data is enough to establish a clear trend.


And, without question, the trend is very VERY good for STID. The current 86% "fresh" rating is very good, particularly from primarily overseas critics, where Star Trek tends to fare less positively than it does here in the US. Most of those reviews say the same stuff:

Fun, smart, well-crafted film with great fx and character depth.

Even the reviews that are not "fresh" (there's only 5 so far) are not exactly blasting the film either. They mostly range in the "3-out-of-5 stars" category. 

So, I think it's safe to say that this movie is trending to equal the original fairly close in the two major metrics that matter in determining a film's "success:" 

Box Office Results

Critical Response


Can't wait until it hits the US. I have my tickets for the 3D IMAX preview on the 15th. Yeah dawg. 

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Report this May. 08 2013, 8:20 pm

Quote: Vger23 @ May. 08 2013, 5:53 pm


>I have my tickets for the 3D IMAX preview on the 15th. Yeah dawg. 



Yep, me too.  Just one week away!  

Peace and Long Life.


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Report this May. 13 2013, 6:30 am

With over 60 reviews aggregated, RT now has STID at 89%. That's great news. I'd expect that to fluctuate by 2-3% as the release date nears and 150 more reviews pile on...but I'd guess we're looking at another critically-acclaimed blockbuster.

Even MORE telling than that though is the figures from the overseas markets, where Trek has traditionally not performed well at all.

Look at the following from ""

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Opens with $31.7 Million in 7 overseas markets


Paramount’s strategy for the overseas’ market has seen Star Trek into Darkness earn $31.7 million from the seven countries in which it has so far been released. According to THR this return is 70% higher than its predecessor made in 2009, setting new opening weekend franchise records in each market.

$13.3 million came from the U.K.’s 556 locations and reflects a 50% increase over the box office achieved by Star Trek in 2009. In Germany, the film earned $7.6 million from 627 locations which reflects an 80% improvement over 2009. Australia took in $5.5 million from its 263 locations (over 50% more than 2009) and Mexico earned $3 million from its 573 locations.

Traditionally Star Trek films have performed well in the English-speaking markets and also fairly well in Germany, so the best news for Paramount in the above figures are those from Mexico, where the film saw a 300% increase from the 2009 film. Paramount vice chairman Rob Moore was particularly happy about the Mexico figures, telling THR "That’s what we were really for. Mexico is a great Barometer. The first movie certainly laid the groundwork for anyone who is a Star Trek fan. We want this film to cross over and create new fans."

STID is performing between 50 and 80% better in the international markets than 2009 did, and has already set franchise records for international box office.

That's a very good "leading indicator" as to the kinds of success the film will enjoy. Great news for Trek fans everywhere!

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