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If Star Trek didn't exist.


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Hypothetical question of course but if Star Trek had never made it on the air what would have kept you occupied, fandom-wise, all this time?


For me I grew up liking Star Wars too and film in general but nothing else, even my newfound love of Doctor Who, has really been able to take the place of Trek.

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I'm a fan of Babylon 5.



I think the bigger question is, if Star Trek never existed, what would Sci-Fi look like?


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If Star Trek didn't exist, someone would find the Guardian of Forever and travel back to prevent whatever temporal disturbance prevented its invention.




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Man, I can't imagine Star trek not existing. I would have to say probably... hmmm.. that's a hard one. I really like Hawaii Five O so i guess I would watch that but it doesn't replace Star Trek. 


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Hrmmm... Mad Men, Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad. I'm not really a sci fi fan. I love Trek and BSG, but that's about it.


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Probably the same other things that I am a fan of now. I'm not sure what my favourite show would be.

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If Star Trek didn't exist, I'd play alot more D&D while watching Firefly and Sliders.

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I would probably be a fan of vampire books and other horror genre.  I just started reading a good one:  Blood Oath.

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Star Wars

Battlestar Galactica

Buck Rogers

The Wild Wild West

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Mission Impossible

War of the Worlds

Crime Story



The X-Files



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I would imagine if Star Trek didn't exist, I would not a fan of many of the things I am today, if any.  Star Trek was a springboard at a very young age for all subsequent fandoms. Through Star Trek I discovered other fandoms, including comic books.  Star Trek is what drew me to my first comic shop. And my first general sci-fi convention.

I'd most likely still be a Ranger fan, though. 

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