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This forum takes place on the USS Enterprise J, years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis in the original timeline. Here is a timeline of events that have taken place since Star Trek: Nemesis:

2390: Enterprise E decomissioned

2395: Enterprise F commissioned

2397: Enterprise F decomissioned

2398: Enterprise G commissioned; Enterprise G wrecked

2399: Enterprise H commissioned; Enterprise H decommissioned

2400: Enterprise I commissioned; Enterprise I wrecked

2420: Enterprise J commissioned; Enterprise J2 commissioned

2424: James T. Kirk brought out of the Nexus. (Explained below.) 

2425: James T., and William T. Kirk are given their ships; Dilithium mines found; Conference on Vulcan; Worf becomes a Starfleet Admiral; Kurn becomes Governor of the Klingon Homeworld.

In 2424, James T. Kirk was brought out of the Nexus by his great great grandson, William T. Kirk (My character.) while Jean Luc Picard fought the Borg, while William T. Kirk, who had come back in time from the 25th Century to save his great great grandfather. After that, the original crew was reunited, and the descendants of the TOS, and TNG crews, including Spock's grandson, Wesley Crusher's son, and many others, with William T. Kirk as Captain. 

Recently Spock has reunited Bill with his high school girlfriend, Stephanie Johnson, former Captain of the USS Excelsior. (Reassigned to the USS Enterprise J.)

Now the co-Captains, and crew of the Enteprise J, continue to boldly go where no one has gone before. 

Please state your characters name, and personality, species, height, weight, etc. 

(The senior officers are characters that I usually provide the dialouge for. If you wish to provide the dialouge for them, or, the original, or TNG crews, who I also usually provide dialouge for, just let me know.)


You lied? I implied.


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Are you still accepting members? Because this seems extremely interesting.

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