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Einstein, Hawking... and then nobody else?


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In the 300 years since Hawking's era why are there no other brilliant minds that could match up to Newton, Einstein and Hawking's legacy? Surely there must be others whos work is as unprecedented. As some technologies Trek takes for granted requires a huge leap of imagination.

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I'm guessing they just wanted to put Hawking in with two scientists he'd have known. Probably more fun for himt ot hink that he trounced Pretend Einstein and Pretend Newton than Pretend Generic Vulcan.

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I know a place where you can get away
It's this STAR TREK site ...
Where nerdy fans write!

Nerds need style, they lack grace
Stephen Hawkings gave good face
Einstein, Newton, Frank Drake, too
Carl Sagan ... we love you!

Eggheads with an attitude
Nerds are always in the mood
Time Travel's real, they all knew it
Science ain't hard, there's nothing to it

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What about Daystrom?


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Noonien Soongh, Ira Graves, Paul Manhiem would also be geniuses, as well as  Akharin.

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