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Why do Zealous Fan Boys Wish for Failure?


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I'm not sure that I agree with that assessment of the females from ST09. Though it was subtle and went by quickly there was a cute bit of role reversal between Kirk and the Orion cadet when it's revealed that he's just one of many and gets a little upset.

Uhura herself was portrayed as an active, highly intelligent, well educated and determined character. If you want to use her relationship with Spock against the character it could be said that for a human taking on a relationship with a member of a species that's stereotyped as emotionally distant at best and who may actually look down on you is itself a sign of mental and emotional fortitude.

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>And I'm sure if it actually did happen, you'd call it pandering. 


No doubt someone would call it that. I mean you must admit, there is a point at which a writer just can't win.

I'm not sure that "Captain Uhura" would have worked.


No I agree really. But that seems to me to be largely because the new films seem to continue the TOS tradition of female characters being present for eye candy and romantic interest and not much else.

That is one original tradition that I personally could do without. Ironically it is one that has been retained.

That tradition changed somewhat with TNG DS9 and certainly Voyager and the movies but has reverted in the last two.

I think you are misinterpreting tos.  Sure it looks like that now, but at the time roles for females were groundbreaking in that show.  A woman on the bridge?  Women scientists and ambassadors?  brilliant stuff. Even the miniskirt is misinterpreted.  At the time the miniskirt was a feminist symbol of women taking control of their own sexuality and their own lives. 

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I'm not really knocking it in TOS. I just think it has continued into the last 2 films. I would have hoped that we have come a long way since 1966.

Uhura's fortitude and emotional strength in ST09 seems to me to be in the context of a relationship with Spock.

There is a good scene where she persuades him to take her on to the Enterprise but even that is in the context of having to plead for a role that should have been hers by merit.


In STID she has one high profile moment of beaming down to stop Spock killing you know who but it seemed incredibly tokenistic to me.

The white anglo saxon female had a much higher profile and pro active role than Uhura, and even that consisted of one"defuse the torpedo" scene and even then she couldn't do it and just had to rip it out.

These things matter in the context of a franchise that has such a reputation for complex, competent and realistic female characters.

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