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A Next Generation film With the U.S.S Titan and Captain Riker

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 Although I am enjoy the original remakes I prefer the next generation films, surely we could have Captain Williiam T. Riker commanding the Titan on some mission where he must locate the U.S.S Enterprise commanded by Jean Luc Picard. The Enterprise was ordered to the Mazur sector to investigate a potential stable worm hole, where starfleet lost contact and has ordered the Titan to locate her. (See real simple plot), and I am sure the actors would be delighted to do the film what do you all think ??? 


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After FIRST CONTACT, the TNG movies were struggling.
As the studio wasn't making money that way, anymore,
they thought they would do something bold and different,
with ENTERPRISE, instead. There was never an expectation
for any kind of  TITAN series on T.V., or in the movies. It was
simply the way Riker's character was allowed to move on and
given closure. But Frakes would've been able to carry his own
series, even at the age he was, then. Frakes was always great ...


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As much as many of us would want this, I think that the only thing we'll get with the Titan and CAPT Riker is the books.


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There's no chance of this happening at this point. In all likelyhood, if we ever see the TNG crew again it will be in a reboot 10-20 years from now. There's a better chance of the TNG crew coming back then some of the other suggestions that get tossed around on here (like Enterprise Season 5 or a Voyager movie) and if lightining struck and it did happen, it would pretty much have to involve Stewart, which a Titan movie wouldn't really do. But there's still not much of a chance. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer.


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I agree...never, ever going to happen.

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