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Australia and New Zealand in the Federation Universe...

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Have you ever noticed in the original series, SS Botany Bay was used, to non Australians that is basically a bay in Sydney, Australia were our first fleet landed in 1788, and also there was a war between Australia and New Zealand as well LOL (cute). Also in the Next Generation U.S.S Melbourne, named after the Australian City of Melbourne and the Wellington named after the New Zealand City. in Deep Space Nine, Captain Sisko goes to the Bajorian "Outback" cute",  and the Dr goes to New Sydney. On Voyager, Ensign was taken out the Federation penal colony, New Zealand. Also some mention of training in the Australian outback was mentioned on Voyager.  If you feel I am inaccurate please correct me.


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The Melbourne and the Wellington could have also been named for Lord Melbourne and the Duke of Wellington. But the name "Botany Bay" was significant in that it denotes a kind of colonial thinking in Khan and his team. But Wellington was also the site of the writing school that Jake was thinking of attending in Explorers. I think Tucker did his survival training in Alice Springs -- not sure about Voyager. Bashir never went to New Sydney (that was O'Brien and Ezri -- where Ezri's family lived -- New Sydney in the Sapporo System; Sapporo also being a city in Northern Japan. Also the Orion Syndicate's Liam Bilby had family there.) However, Bashir's father was also sent to prison in New Zealand. In Past Tense, the character B.C. dreamed of going to Tasmania because that was the state where Errol Flynn was born.

Naming ships and places in the Star Trek universe after places on Earth is pretty standard really.

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