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Themed Episode Playlists


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Let's get some unique playlists going (5-10 episodes give or take) from across the entire franchise. This would be a new way to experience Star Trek by focusing on certain characters, ideas, and themes. With every episode available to everyone on Netflix now, lovingly crafted single sitting/day playlists have a certain appeal.


 Here are a few examples to start out:

 Questioning Authority

 Twist Endings

 Bajorans Vs Cardasians

 The Prime Directive: Tested Limits


 Come up with an idea (or use on of those) and give us your list! I'm personally not well versed enough to make my own off the top of my head, but I know this is excactly the place to find people who are. Also feel free to offer up ideas for playlists in hopes someone will use them.




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Law & Order: Starfleet

TOS: Court Martial

TNG: The Measure of a Man

TNG: The Drumhead

DS9: Dax

DS9: Tribunal

VOY: Ex Post Facto

VOY: Death Wish

DS9: Rules of Enagement

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