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OK, I am asking for ONE SPOILER...


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So, STID has been released already in several countries (which I find to be a stupid move by the studio), so, the full plot and story is out there...on Wikipedia for example.

I am avoiding spoilers like crazy, but I MUST KNOW ONE THING! Just one!

Is the Enterprise destroyed in this movie? Isnt that the Enterprise falling and burning into the atmosphere and crashing in San Francisco bay? Because I will seriously think about boycotting this film if they do that. They have to realize the Enterprise is like a character, and to kill her in the 2nd move is asinine.

I dont really want a detailed explanation, just a yes or no.




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hahahahaa. no


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Thanks! That actually makes it more interesting to me because I just can't see how the Enterprise would survive falling out of the sky like that. And I did think I saw a veru clear picture of it showing NCC-1701 on the saucer section as it was going down. But it looks like the name of the ship was obscurred by burn marks...and even the last "1" in NCC-1701 looked sketchy.

I can now look forward to seeing this flick knowing they havent done something COMPLETELY stupid!


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One spoiler...mmm...if you leave the milk out on the counter over night, it turns to some thing that looks like cottage cheese...try putting that in your morning coffee, tea or cereal.


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I just saw the movie which came to New Zealand TODAY. Avoiding spoilers for so long was difficult, but worth the effort.

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