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Into Darkness ending


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Report this May. 02 2013, 7:21 am

Kirk and Pike walk over to a chamber that is filled with what looks like cryogenic chambers.

Kirk asks Pike "What are we going to do with them?"

Pike states "We saw what happened when we revived Harrison. There is no way we can risk reviving more. These people were created to rule with an iron fist. They do not belong in our time."

Kirk: "What are you suggesting? We can't just kill them."

Pike: "No, we can't. But we have to find a place that they will never be found."

Music builds to a cresendo as the camera pulls back from the pair, revealing more and more chambers. As the pullback increases in speed, you begin to catch glimpses of names on the chambers, but the pullback is too fast to be able to read the names, but we are sure we saw one inscription that had at least three names. The pullback continues, actually traveling through the ship's bulkheads, and giving us a final glimpse of the ship, with a name clearly visable: the SS Botany Bay! Fade to credis.

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