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Simply Syndicated Podcast, Make it So -- THE NEXT GENERATION (in other words...they're back!)


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Report this May. 02 2013, 6:50 am

There was a bit of discussion back in 2011 when the show was cancelled by their production team, but MAKE IT SO, is back!!!

(I don't work for the show or benefit from it's production...I'm just a fan)

Well, anyways, the show is back.  They are calling it their 3rd Season (although, I don't actually remember a 2nd season...but whatever).  

For those familiar with the show...just think of it as an well-needed extended hiatus.  You can find ways to listen here:

For those unaware, it is a podcast produced in England with a bunch of guys (and occational ladies) just discussing Star Trek for slits and giggles.  The group seems to have been born in the late 1970's, so they were raised watching TOS re-runs and TNG and DS9 in it's original runs.  Plus, movies, Voyager, Enterpris and so on etc...)

Full disclosure...the format is a little different, as they now have a cost to the episodes.  They are charging per episode or a subscription fee for a ton of stuff.  But the first new episode is live for free.  You can check it out, and if you like it, they have lots of ways to pay...and it really is worth it.  It ends up a bit less that buying a magazine once a month or so.   

Just wanted to put that out there.


Alex in MD

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