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USS Richter!


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Our Mission

Docked at mckinsey station, the Richter is finishing her new weapons systems and quantum slip stream drive, we are to test new weapons and a new warp drive installed by starfleet. We are to make sure that they are working properly and to act out normal duties as to test these new systems for implement in the fleet. We have received a distress call and Starfleet thinks its the perfect time to test our new systems.


The USS Richter is committed to creating a fun and unique writing environment with the aim of allowing everyone to creatively express themselves. We are looking for writers of all abilities, we are focused on fun character building story lines rather than character promotion and the volume of posting. If you think you have what it takes join us at-


Positions Open: All Positions Open!!!


Lt. CMDR Alex Wolf

Commanding Officer

USS Richter

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