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Hello ST fans, I know if anybody who are the sharpest in knowledge about high tech stuff it certainly has to be ST guys, gals who stay on top of things like this. I'm going to purchase a new big screen TV. I need to know what to look for to get the stunning ghraphic pictures. I've heard SAMSUNG, LG, SHARP most of all as best in the business. Yes I'm going to read the reviews but ST trekies can cut to the chase in this regard and point out things I need to know. I'm willing to shell out at least $2,000 for a 65-70 inch screen.



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You seem to be headed in the right direction.. Samsung , Lg , Sharp . Use a simple rule-set like...  

1. Local guarantees and servicing availability

2. Screen Refresh Rate.. 100Hz or better

3. Build and platform stability (Some aren't very stable . Don't go too cheap either!)

4. I/O Connections.. HDMI , USB , etc .

5. Tuner . Wireless

The latest LG seems very good . (I have an LG Plasma bought a few years back , which in summer runs much too hot though . But I bought it for it's natural colors which I am very happy with) . I don't know what American models you have . German TV's have a fantastic reputation , but are very expensive and difficult to get service .

Pioneer seem to make the best Blu-ray players (BP-450 , 440 , 430) .




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Sounds great, the little techie stuff you listed is just what I need. I sure will consider this when I narrow them down. But I'm leaning toward the SAMSUNG first then SHARP. Good tips, thanks 


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