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Seeing "The Best Of Both Worlds" at the theatre...


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While it was GREAT to be able to watch some Trek in the theaters tonight, and I'd love to do it again- I'd like to know who to complain to about the INCREDIBLY poor decision to play the mini-documentary about the Best of Both Worlds feature BEFORE showing the actual feature. I brought people there that had never seen it before, and it ruined every possible aspect of tension and drama for them that they could have otherwise enjoyed and been surprised of by showing clips from pretty much every scene as people reminisced about it. I hope something like this happens again- I really, really do. But I also hope that they at least have the sense to put their retro-active documentaries AFTER the program. 

Why isn't there a new Netflix Star Trek series yet?


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Even though I had seen it originally and many times since I know what you mean. I wanted to yell out "AHHH they spoiled the ending" but I guess they figure people who would go to something like that are fans who have already seen it.

Are you sure it isn't time for a colorful metaphor?


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My big complaint is that it was on a Thursday night. I have work the next day so I couldn't go see it

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