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Seeking Crew to join on our voyages


GROUP: Members


Report this Apr. 22 2013, 5:21 am

My Star Trek group is now Official Affiliated with Starfleet!!


Feel free to get in touch for information or to join. Everyone is Welcome








Attention All Hands!




Please join me in welcoming the USS Essex to STARFLEET.




The USS Essex, is a Correspondence chapter and based in Westcliff, Essex (R20) (UK).




Their approved STARFLEET registry is NX-74225, and the ship is a




Defiant -Class Escort. Their Support chapter is USS Ark Royal (R20).




For additional information, or to join in their adventure, contact the




Commanding Officer – Rik Moran –




In Service,




Adm. Richard Smith




Vice Chief of ShOC, STARFLEET

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