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Why is the current so much more television than movie oriented?


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I've never seen any explanation of why the current is so series-centric (or seems to be).

It would be nice to have an FAQ somewhere (even though smarty is probably going to say I'm the first person to ask, therefore it's not a FAQ) explaining just what does and does not cover.

Why is the current so television oriented?

Is there a Paramount "" site that I've just never found, for the movies?


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Star Trek is really two entities.  The rights to the tv shows are owend by cbs and this is a cbs site so it focuses on the tv shows.  Paramount owns the movie rights and they have a site called

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Report this Apr. 23 2013, 6:50 pm covers the entire brand - TV series and movies.  There is a movie site specific to Star Trek Into Darkness which Wissa has listed.  


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There are 12 movies.

There are over 700 episodes.

Perhaps that has something to do with it


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Quote: CORNAN @ Apr. 21 2013, 5:27 am


>Why is the current so television oriented?


Star Trek is a television show. In essence, the movies are spin-offs.

There is a Movie section on these boards.

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We just can't get enough of this franchise
... in any medium, or on any site ... even
its Official one! Our appetites are insatiable.
So, naturally, such misconceptions are going
to occur, because even ALL of TREK can't satiate!


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Because a movie only lasts a few hours  and does not continue the sage like a television series is able to.

What I think needs to happen is that the actors and all of the fans of Star Trek and sci-fi in general who love trek but are moderate sci-fiers get together and purchase a t.v. slot in prime time t.v. land so that a new series based off of the new trek can be borne where the station is Trek all the time.

In addition to Classic Trek, TNG, (Not TaTa's N' Gnomes either) Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise playing other Trek related shows would be aired.

These shows would involve a few hours of fan made movies which I have seen that there is alot of along with an hour or two related to Memory Alpha (Treks Wiki) that starting at the very beginning of Memory Alpha each listing would be discussed between fans, writers and actos ect. to fully immerse the Trekoisseur (connoisseur of Trek) in the Universe of Star Trek.

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