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Rise of the Cybermen


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Many of the Vulcan crew D’kyr could not hold their confusion when coming upon the rogue world that to their chagrin, resembled Earth in every topography there in.


The closer they got, the more dead it appeared.  They had to recheck their Logs many times for the last time they or any other Vulcan vessel had visited the world in the Mutter’s Spiral.


Gathering a Research Team, the 2nd Officer and three others travelled to the mirror world to investigate whether this was Earth or something more dyer.


On immediate arrival, they found this dead world not be Earth at all.  But its long jettisoned twin... Mondas.


Tales abound how in the early days the two were linked by a common ancestry, but was flung from its orbit by unknown causes.  There were tales of one inatverently orbiting too close to the other, and was slingshotted; a powerful being having been angered by how the Mondasians would not worship them, punished them by flinging them to become some Comic Flotsam and Jepson.  But here they were, in the far reaches of space attempting to survive what catastrophe that brought them hence. 


Normally they would not bother to interfere, simply pass the world by with just a marker, but curiosity got the best of them.  Vulcan or not.


Seeing the Mondasians of this dead world would awe drop anyone not accustomed to suppressing their emotions.


Here was a somewhat thriving world, all be it the survivors had replaced the lion’s share of their bodies with plastic and cybernetics.


Learning from it was in fact a moon which was the cause of their being lost into space thousands upon thousands of years earlier.


The more the Vulcan crew researched the world, the more they found it to be cold and desolate.  Many of its people dying from diseases normally, easily curable.  But due to their fate, those who did manage to survive child birth would only die for other reasons later in life.  Hence their dependency upon cyber technology they advanced in.


Having met with Mondasian Council, the Vulcans imparted what they could to aid them in their survival, while keeping with their strict Non In-tervention credo. 


Many within the Mondasian Council had noticed the Vulcan’s cold, almost stand offish air.  Several of the Mondasians even noted they appeared to be lacking any emotions what so ever.


This aspect spread like wildfire within the Council once their visitors departed to parts unknown...




Mutter’s Spiral (aka the Milky Way)


For months on end long range satellites had been picking up a world all assumed was the rouge planet X world of Nibiru.


Soon the rogue world came to rest between Mars and Venus, where upon astronauts Dyson Dan found the planet when checking their position with Mars after somehow overshooting their mark.

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