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Finished TOS, VI, 2009 movie


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Spoilers below!


So I finished Star Trek TOS, I-VI, & the 2009 Blu ray/movie. If the story line is like it is does that mean the crew of the original series is still out there in the future, cut off, alternate dimension, or is this time travel theme a straight line and everything has changed? That the events of the previous movies/series never happened Or forever altered. I'm wanting to move on to TNG so just hung up on this for bit. I would hope it's an alternate timeline, and that these crew members are indeed separate, save Spock if course. Hoping that future movies/series aren't necessarily ruined with the timeline. Please no series spoilers outside TOS, I-VI, new movie. 


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While not explicitly stated in the film, the intention of the writers is that when Nero went back in time, instead of changing the timeline he created a new parallel universe that runs alongside the original one.

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Think they'll continue and work in the next generation personalities eventually?

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