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On Board the Enterprise D book/ cd tour


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I just picked up this amazing book with the cd inside and quite impressed!  I'm even more pumped that ever for the Conventions taking place this year, but something exciting for some fans who don't own this gem and would like to page through the amazing photos. The only drawback I have is the interactive cd should have been way more interactive to go thru the decks of the enterprise, open the turbolifts, tour Ten Forward, or even check out the Jefries Tubes cause that would have been way neat to me!  Maybe someone could design it someday.  I think I still have the more interactive disc that was designed many years ago and had Jonathan Frakes do some narrating, and that one at least was really neat for the times.

Low Key

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i dunno...... hasn't really grabbed my attention TBQH

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I bought it on Amazon because it was a good price, under $20. But if it had been more than that I don't think I would have bought it due to some of the negative reviews about it.

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